10 Essential Hot Tub Accessories

Posted by Nick Clamp in Blog post on 2nd December 2021

A few well-chosen hot tub accessories can take your home spa days to the next level.

But not all hot tub add-ons and extras are created equal.

Let us be your guide through the world of hot tub accessories with our pick of the ten must-have extras for every hot tub owner.

1. Hot Tub Steps

Photo © Leisure Concepts

If you have an above-ground hot tub, a nice set of steps is an essential accessory. 

Slipping into your home spa is supposed to be relaxing – having to clamber over the side of your tub to get in and out is anything but. A set of stairs solves this problem.

Plus, steps will stop your spa from being off-limits to kids, elderly relatives, or anyone with mobility issues.

2. Cover lifter

Photo © Aqua Spa Supplies

Hot tub covers are big, heavy, and a real pain to take off and put back on on your own.

A cover lifter makes the whole process a cinch – simply fold the cover in half, then fold up the lifter’s arm to completely remove your spa’s cover where it is stowed neatly upright behind the spa (without having to find somewhere for it during your soak). 

3. Floating tablet dispenser

Photo © Essentials Spa Supplies

Keep your spa clean and hygienic with the minimum of fuss.

Simply add chlorine or bromine tablets into one of these handy dispensers and then pop it into your spa. The hot tub chemicals needed to balance your hot tub’s water will then gradually be released, meaning less upkeep on your end.

4. 303 Aerospace Protectant

Photo © Essentials Spa Supplies

Developed for the aerospace and aviation industry, this nifty product is ideal for keeping your vinyl hot tub cover in tip-top shape.

Give your hot tub cover (plus any any other vinyl items such as headrests) a spray with this every few months and it will chemically bond the vinyl, blocking the UV rays that will fade and crack it if left untreated. Simply wash the cover with warm soapy water, let it dry then spray with 303 Protectant then buff with a dry cloth.

It also repels dust, dirt, and stains, restores lost colour and luster, and doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind. 

5. Hot tub vacuum

Photo © Life Spa & Hot Tub Essentials

Sitting in a tub full of dirt and debris isn’t exactly the most relaxing experience in the world.

Treat yourself to a spa vacuum and you’ll be able to quickly and easily suck up any sand, gravel, or dirt that ends up in your spa before you hop in.

It’s also great for getting into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies when you’re giving your hot tub a deep clean. 

6. Filter cleaning wand or canister cleaner

Photo © Life Spa & Hot Tub Essentials

Keeping your hot tub’s filters clean will not only help keep the water hygienic, but also expand your filters’ lifespan.

A filter cleaning wand or canister cleaner is a garden hose attachment that makes cleaning your filters so much easier – and therefore something you’re a lot more likely to do.

They also give your filters a much deeper clean that you’ll get from a regular hose, since they’re specially designed to shoot jets of water deep into the filter’s pleats. This makes cleaning them quicker and less messy to boot.

7. Acrylic drinkware

Photo © Aqua Spa Supplies

Hot tubs and glassware don’t mix.

To avoid any nasty accidents, pick up some acrylic drinkware so you and your guests can enjoy a bevvie or two without having to worry about being too careful. 

8. Booster seat

Photo © Life Spa & Hot Tub Essentials

A waterproof booster seat is an essential accessory if kids – or pint-sized friends and family – will be enjoying a soak in your hot tub. 

It can also add an extra level of comfort if your spa has hard seats, like in wooden hot tubs.

9. Floating spa bar

Photo © Life Spa & Hot Tub Essentials

No more traipsing in and out of your tub to top up everyone’s drinks!

Pick up an inflatable spa bar and your drinks and snacks will never be more than an arm’s length away, leaving you with nothing to do but sit back, relax, and enjoy.

10.Waterproof playing cards

Photo © Essentials Spa Supplies

Combine a spa day and a games night with a set of waterproof playing cards. 

There aren’t many better ways to relax than with a friendly game of Texas hold ‘em (or Go Fish with the little ones) from the comfort of your home spa. 

The final verdict

Looking to make using and maintaining your hot tub easier and more enjoyable than ever? 

Be sure to pick up these ten must-have accessories, which are sure to take your home spa days to the next level. 

And to make sure you pick the perfect hot tub for you, grab your free copy of the latest edition of WhatSpa? magazine for our shortlist of best buys on the market today.

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