Time to party! The ultimate guide to hosting a hot tub party

Outdoor parties involving hot tubs are becoming ultra-fashionable and for new owners wanting to take advantage of this trend in the convenience of their own back garden, WhatSpa? puts the spotlight on planning your perfect first alfresco ‘SPA-rty’.

Taking your party outdoors has become ultra-fashionable and when you have a hot tub you don’t need a special occasion to host a great garden party. No having to worry about red wine on the carpet or chocolate cake on the cream sofa. So why not celebrate the arrival of your shiny new hot tub by planning an outdoor party and take advantage of the fresh air and outdoor surroundings by hosting your very own spa party or ‘Spa-rty’ as the team here at WhatSpa? like to call them!

Planning is crucial if you want your summer garden party to be a success. Hosting the perfect hot tub party does not have to be difficult or expensive; but a little organisation goes a long way. Here are our top ten tips for your inaugural fun-filled hot tub party.

1. Guest list focus

When you are preparing a guest list for your inaugural ‘spa-rty’ it can be fraught with problems if you don’t ask first. Many people still have not had the experience of joining in with a hot tub crowd, so it is best to prevent ‘spa-rty’ poopers from spoiling any of the hot tub ‘launch’ occasions by carefully choosing the appropriate guests. You certainly don’t want to have the unfortunate situation of being the only ones in your hot tub with a group of people looking on! So, at first it may be the best policy to only make provision for guests who indicate that they are eager to join in the hot tub experience.

2. Respect your neighbours

To ensure you are a hot host and don’t get the cold shoulder from your neighbours it is advisable to involve them, even if it is just for notification. Even though they may not be scheduled to do so, many ‘spa-rty’ gatherings can run late into the evening, if they don’t start early, and so it is a good idea to try to be respectful about your neighbours – especially with mid-week events. Even if you don’t include your neighbours on your regular ‘spa-rty’ guest lists you may find that by consulting them or sending an invitation it gets them on side.

3. Be prepared

If you plan to unveil your new hot tub and let your guests hop in for a dip, let them know beforehand that they need to bring a bathing costume and the reason why. Even the most extrovert among us are reluctant to strip down to our swimsuits in a friend’s house so have spare bathing costumes, shorts and bath robes at the ready and a private changing area.

4. Pre-dip tipples

Having a good selection of alcohol will help loosen up your guests a little and get them into the hot tub party mood. Once you’re in the water remember that bathing in hot water will dehydrate you so excessive alcohol and hot tubs aren’t the greatest of mixers! Have plenty of iced water on hand and don’t forget non-alcoholic beverages for designated drivers! Always use plastic cups or polycarbonate glasses when in the spa to avoid danger of broken glass.

5. Finger lickin’ good

Heavy, stodgy food is not a great combo for relaxing in hot water, so keep food light and simple. What really fits the bill is moreish finger food that is easy to serve, easy to eat and utterly delicious. If you are eating whilst in the tub, stick to serving finger party foods and snacks that are easy to handle and won’t be likely to drop into your beloved crystal clear hot tub water.

6. Spare their blushes

Once it’s time to don the swimwear and dive in, always remember ‘ladies first’ if it’s a mixed party, and have the chaps make a splash after the girls have comfortably stolen all the best seats! Show your guests to your changing area and ensure that you have plenty of spare robes and flip-flops for your guests to slip on to go from your changing area to the spa. An outdoor towel rack or table nearby will be handy for people to hang up their robes before making their spectacular entry into the water and a sturdy set of spa steps will make entry and exit easy and safe.

7. Safety first

Invest in a good set of acrylic or plastic glasses as you do not want glass anywhere near your lovely hot tub. Accidents happen and a smashed glass in the bottom of your hot tub will soon curtail the festivities and mean the spa will have to be evacuated and drained down to clear the hazard. Supplying towels will prevent your guests from dripping water in your kitchen or leaving a damp trail throughout the house if they require the bathroom upstairs. Also, beware of tiled kitchen floors that may prove to be a slip hazard for people coming straight out of your hot tub with wet feet.

8. Bring provisions

Once your guests are relaxing in the water and in awe of your shiny new hot tub, make sure that you bring any drinks or nibbles to the spa side so that you don’t have to keep hopping out to serve every whim of your guests. A Spa Caddy can be fitted to the side of your spa, which will hold plenty of drinks for all your guests.

9. Fun and games

No party would be complete without fun and entertainment. Choose your guest list according to who you think will want to take the plunge and keep in mind the maximum occupancy of your hot tub as you don’t want to over commit and run out of spa seats. There are plenty of waterproof toys and games on the market that are great fun and ideal stocking fillers for Christmas and birthday gifts. Waterproof cards, floating game boards, tables and drink trays all make a hot tub party a little more fun.

10. Let me entertain you!

If your hot tub is equipped with a sound system, make sure there’s a wide variety of music in your playlist. While the music should get everyone in the party mood, avoid pumping up the volume to such an extent that you upset the neighbours and can’t hear each other chat. You might also want to include some quiet pieces or nature sounds to help everyone relax and wind down at the end of the evening, or whenever you want rid of them!

Whatever you do, don’t forget the most important thing about throwing any successful party is having fun. At a hot tub ‘spa-rty it is almost impossible not to have fun, so take it in your stride and enjoy the evening. It almost certainly will be an event to remember for your guests and one that they will be keen to repeat very soon!

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