Hot tub party ideas: 11 simple spa-rty ideas

Posted by Nick Clamp in Blog post on 4th July 2024

Being able to invite your nearest and dearest round for a spa-rty is one of the best things about owning a hot tub.

Make your next get-together a splashing success with these simple and effective hot tub party ideas.

Think ahead

If your hot tub’s chemistry isn’t quite right it will take a little while to get it balanced. So, be sure to check your spa’s chemical levels well before your guests arrive so you have plenty of time to adjust them as needed. This will save you from the awkward situation of inviting people round and then having to ask them to wait while you balance your pH levels.

Stock up on spares

Make sure you always have a few spare swimsuits on hand and you can turn any social occasion into an impromptu spa-rty. Stocking up on beach towels, robes, and spare pairs of flip-flops will ensure your guests don’t need to stress about forgetting anything when they swing by for a soak. 

Get the right nibbles

Heavy meals and hot tubs don’t exactly mix. If you’re putting on a spread, keep things light and simple so your guests’ soak isn’t spoiled by a full stomach. And stick to party food that’s unlikely to leave crumbs behind in your hot tub in case people bring nibbles into the spa with them.

Think about drinks

Soaking in a spa and sipping alcohol both dehydrate you, so it’s best not to go too hard on the booze during your time in the hot tub (if you want to avoid the mother of all hangovers, that is). It’s also a good idea to have plenty of iced water on hand around your spa – and don’t forget soft drinks for designated drivers. 

Keep in mind that a smashed glass at the bottom of your hot tub will cut the celebrations short, as you’ll need to evacuate and drain your spa to make sure every shard is cleared up. So, no matter what your guests’ tipple of choice is, always serve it to them in a plastic cup or a polycarbonate glass when they’re in the spa. 

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Comfort is king

To make sure your guests are comfortable, set aside a space in your home for them to use as a changing area so they have somewhere private to slip in and out of their swimwear. 

You’ll also want to make sure there’s a place for them to put their towels near the hot tub so they can protect their modesty as soon as they’re out of the tub. Spa steps will allow your guests to get in and out of your tub as elegantly as possible, so it’s well worth investing in a set if you’re planning on entertaining often.

Prevent slips

Are guests going to have to walk over slippery flooring on their way to the bathroom? Make sure to provide a towel they can dry themselves off with, and think about putting something down to provide grip and prevent any nasty accidents.

Give the neighbours a heads up

Since there’s a good chance your hot tub party might run into the night, it’s a good idea to give the neighbours a heads up so you don’t end up in their bad books. If they ask you to keep the noise down, be sure to be respectful and think about taking things inside. No matter how good your hot tub party is, it’s not worth making enemies over!

Keep things close to hand

A spa caddy that fits onto the side of your spa is one of our favourite hot tub accessories for a reason. Keep nibbles and drinks within an arm’s reach so you don’t need to keep getting in and out of your spa to serve your guests.

That’s entertainment

Putting on a playlist that pumps up everyone’s mood is the perfect way to get your guests into the party mood. All the better if your hot tub has built-in bluetooth speakers.

Will little ones be joining in on the fun? Waterproof cards, toys, and floating board games are a great way to keep them entertained during your soak.

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Naked hot tub etiquette

Let’s face it: there’s nothing more awkward than you and your guests having different takes on whether swimming costumes are optional or necessary in the spa. Avoid any embarrassment by giving your guests a heads up on the “house rules” when it comes to skinny dipping. Different strokes suit different folks, but as long as you’re all on the same page before it comes time to hop in the tub things should be fine.


Lots of people hopping in your hot tub at once means lots of contaminants from deodorants, make-up, and moisturisers. Left unchecked, this can make short work of your hot tub’s sanitiser, leaving its chemistry unbalanced.

So, be sure to shock your hot tub once the spa-rty has wound down and everyone is out of the tub. This will help clear all those contaminants while giving your spa’s sanitiser a boost.

It’s spa-rty time!

Stick to these tips and your next hot tub party is bound to be a night to remember. Just don’t blame us if your guests don’t want to leave!

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