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Nick Clamp Posted by Nick Clamp in Buying on 13th July 2020

If you are currently eagerly researching the hot tub market to become part of the next generation of hot tub owners then you may be considering two important questions: “Will I need a fully-enclosed building to protect my hot tub from all weather conditions?” and “What is the best way to invest in a hot tub structure?”

Thankfully, there has been a boom in the manufacturer of gazebo and building structures for hot tubs. In this piece we cover everything you’ll need to consider before choosing either a hot tub gazebo, shelter or another form of hot housing.

Consider how you will use your hot tub in the colder months

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One of the main advantages of having a hot tub installed under a gazebo or in a bespoke hot tub building is the fact that they can provide all-year-round use.

When you are consulting with WhatSpa? Approved hot tub dealers in these warmer months you should still be making considerations for the winter. And be planning further ahead to the times when it may be freezing cold outside or there may be snow on the ground, and on your hot tub cover, during the winter.

It can often be the case in the UK that we can have extreme weather conditions from all four seasons in one day. So, before you splash out on a hot tub purchase with the aim to be able to spend quality time in your hot tub throughout all our seasons and especially during the winter months. as part of a regular solo soak session or weekly gatherings with family or friends, then you need to be seeking out hot tub building provision to do so.

A frosty garden, with minus temperatures outdoors, may lead to you neglecting the use of your hot tub by being enticed by the warmth of your home and then constantly postponing a hydrotherapy session. A bespoke hot tub building, with a cosy fully-insulated changing area, will immediately provide a winter warmer remedy for this problem that should be the perfect wellness tonic to combat different weather patterns of our changing climate all-year-round, day or night.

If you have not yet placed a deposit on a hot tub then you may find that during the current Covid-19 pandemic that there is a longer manufacturing lead time for your desired hot tub model to be delivered. This delivery delay could be turned into a positive outcome as it may provide you with time to plan your hot tub building project before your required model arrives for professional installation.

Increasing hot tub building & shelter choice

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As the hot tub market has been maturing there has been an acceleration of dedicated building products being launched to facilitate all-year-round hydrotherapy from hot tubs. From even the largest models with an array of new fully-insulated garden buildings that have double glazed windows and are manufactured to withstand the elements of all weather conditions.

If you have the space in your garden, and financial resources, then you may be considering one of the specialist companies to provide bespoke building and installation services for your hot tub project with a fully-enclosed building option. These structures are ideal for providing complete peace of mind hot tub security options.

While conducting your research you should be seeking out designs with favourable user-friendly features such as cantilevered or bi-folding doors. These a perfect purchasing option if you require the flexibility to have open air access to your garden in the warmer weather and the capability to close the doors completely during poor weather conditions. Atrium roofs with strengthened glass are also becoming popular with hot tub owners who are seeking to watch the clouds go by overhead or conduct a hydrotherapy stargazing session during an evening hot tub soak.

Consider building ventilation

As part of any plans to install your hot tub within a fully-enclosed building structure you should consider the fact that a hot tub is going to produce high levels of moisture, So, it is important to seek out designs with appropriate ventilation within the structure and ensure the wood has been manufactured and treated accordingly to prevent moisture damage quickly becoming an issue.

One of the benefits for you as a hot tub user with a gazebo is the fact that you will not have to worry about garden view restrictions and ventilation issues, like you would with a fully-enclosed hot tub building; but it is best practice to research the market for gazebos that are sturdy enough to provide secure cover and protection from the rain, snow, and sun, for your hot tub for many years to come.

Avoid cheap enclosures

Never cut corners when it comes to the installation of a hot tub building as this may result in damage to your new hot tub purchase. You will recoup any cost of your professional hot tub building or hot tub structure project with peace of mind knowledge that it is designed and installed to provide strong structural warranty credentials and more regular use of your hot tub.

Dangerously constructed or poorly installed hot tub enclosures will put you and your family at risk and these purchases are not going to ensure your hot tub satisfaction and many years of wellness and health benefits. Sourcing all of your hot tub and building products independently from rogue supplier without professional hot tub dealer guidance could land you in hot financial water and out of pocket if you are paying a high price to rectify faults further down the line.

Always consult a professional hot tub dealer first if your aim is to achieve the best possible quality results with a hot tub building project. By taking this route you will be provided with expert guidance on the suitability of hot tub buildings for your shortlist of hot tub options. This will prevent you from investing in hot tub structures that are not appropriate for your hot tub; or purchasing products that are unsuitable, unsafe, or too restrictive for hot tub use.

Secure foundations for your hot tub building

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One of the key elements of a hot tub building project is the requirement for a secure foundation that will be able to support the weight of a hot tub when filled.

A leading hot tub dealer will be able to provide guidance on provision for the secure foundation most suitable for your hot tub installation. When it comes to your hot tub being installed within a decking or enclosed hot tub building structure, a professional hot tub dealer should be highlighting the critical consideration of the filled weight of your hot tub when it is up and running with water and the capacity of incumbents.

Within the WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards section of our magazine there are specific ‘Dimensions’ and ‘Water Capacity’ specifications for every award-winning hot tub. This information should be utilised within your research process as pre-purchasing guidance for the necessary required size requirement of your hot tub building and critical weight bearing capabilities of your building’s floor structure and the project’s foundation.

These variations of hot tub size and weight-bearing specification requirements will influence the choice of your hot tub structure or building projects. This is also why it is important to conduct specification research and always have this information at hand as part of any consultation with a prospective hot tub building supplier.

Utilise any visits to hot tub showrooms and show sites with dedicated hot tub building structures to ensure you obtain this information and receive professional guidance ahead of any purchasing commitment for your enclosed hot tub installation project.

Even if you are purchasing a hot tub and a hot tub building from different locations and suppliers you should always ensure that your investment is protected by dealing with reputable companies with proven professional installation service credentials. Also remember that there are professional delivery and installation services available for hot tub building project convenience.

Local and nationwide delivery services with inclusive professional installation should provide you with peace of mind that your hot tub and the surrounding structure is installed and fitted safely and securely to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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