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Remember that your choice of spa should be as much about the integrity, professionalism and after-sales service offered by potential retailers as it is about the spa itself.

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Find a reputable hot tub supplier

We at WhatSpa? recommend that you start your search for a hot tub showroom in your local area. Good hot tub retailers will service a manageable geographic area so that they can respond quickly and cost-effectively to service call-outs, both within your warranty period and thereafter.

Enter your details into the tool above to find a WhatSpa? approved hot tub dealer near you. 

Lookout for dealerships that are both WhatSpa? approved and have a BISHTA (The British and Irish and Hot Tubs Association) membership. If a hot tub supplier meets all the requirements needed to comply with this standard then chances are high that it will be around for the long run.

Try Before You Buy

The next – and most important – step is to round up your family, grab your bathing suits, and head to a WhatSpa? approved showroom to wet test some hot tubs. This is a crucial step before you commit to buy a hot tub.

Each dealership will have private test swim facilities you can use to try out the home spas on your shortlist.

Be sure to test hot tubs of all types across different price ranges to make sure you’re getting the perfect spa to suit your tastes and needs. And keep an open mind about which one might be right for you, as comparing models in person is completely different than weighing them up online. Retailers will also help guide you on the UK hot tub running costs for each model as well as information on how to maintain a hot tub.

Once you’ve changed into your bathing suit and hopped into the first hot tub you want to test, get the showroom staff to show you how to operate all the controls.

Then ask them to leave you to soak in it yourself so you can get a feel for whether it’s the right model for you before moving onto the next.

A few things to pay particular attention to during a hot tub test are:

  • Does it feel like there’s plenty of room for the amount of people you want to be able to enjoy your hot tub at once?
  • Are the seats comfortable and the right depth to suit every member of your family?
  • Do the jets give a good massage?
  • Is it easy to adjust the hot tub jets’ power and the type of massage it gives?
  • Are the lighting and multimedia options, like speakers and a TV, to your liking and easy to use?

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