Hot tub surrounds ideas: 8 luxurious indoor and outdoor hot tub surrounds for your home.

Posted by Alex Clamp in Blog post on 15th February 2023

If you’re lucky enough to have a hot tub, you know the importance of finding the perfect hot tub surround. Not only does it need to be functional, but it also needs to fit your style. Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, there are plenty of options out there.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 8 luxurious hot tub surrounds, both indoor and outdoor. From sleek stone walls to cosy wooden enclosures, there’s sure to be an option to catch your eye. So sit back, relax, and let us help you find the perfect hot tub surround for your home.

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Off-The-Shelf Surrounds

If you’re looking for a good aesthetic and budget-friendly option without needing to special order or customize, rattan hot tub surrounds are an excellent choice. They offer a classic, timeless aesthetic that can easily fit into any home décor layout.

While rattan is no doubt a more fragile material than something like plastic or metal, it’s also incredibly lightweight, so you won’t be stuck lugging around and assembling heavy parts. Plus, rattan channels moisture away quickly and more efficiently than other materials, helping to keep your surroundings dry and free of mildew buildup.

If you are looking for an attractive rattan surround for your hot tub or spa setup, either indoors or outdoors, then you should seriously consider a Softtub rattan hot tub surround. Softtub offer full rattan surrounds supporting their WhatSpa? award-winning Legend 220, Resort 300+, and Portico models, as well as full wooden surrounds that can support any spa model produced by Softtub.

Whether it’s to store items neatly or add a delicate decorative touch, these rattan surrounds are exactly what you need. Measuring 45 cm deep and adding an additional 90 cm to the total diameter of any model tub, each one is designed for easy self-assembly and arrives pre-packaged for convenience. If delivery has been arranged with your purchase of a Softub, assembly is taken care of. No fuss – just exquisite rattan for stunning visuals.

© Softtub
© Softtub

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Concrete Slabs

For hot tub and spa enthusiasts looking to create a beautiful outdoor or indoor hot tub set-up, concrete deck surrounds are becoming an increasingly popular option.

Concrete slabs can provide both an elegant and functional solution to hot tub surrounds while standing up to the elements and hot tub chemicals. Unlike other installation options, concrete slabs require minimum maintenance, making them an ideal material for hot tubs used frequently in outdoor or indoor settings.

Because hot tubs generally weigh several hundred pounds when filled with water and people, hot tub decks need to be constructed correctly to ensure safety and stability. Concrete hot tub decks are a robust choice as they are made of high-strength concrete with engineered stresses added during the installation process that gives the hot tub surround far more stability than poured concrete or wooden hot tub decking.

Furthermore, once installed concrete decks and surrounds offer superior resistance to freeze-thaw cycles as well as weather conditions, making them a more reliable long-term solution than other hot tub surrounding materials such as wood, rubber mats, or pavers.

Hot Tub Surrounds
© Hot Tub Village

Wooden Decks

Wooden deck hot tub surrounds are an attractive option that can be installed quickly and easily, either indoors or outdoors, with minimal disruption.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they provide the perfect opportunity to create an organized backdrop for your hot tub while also offering plenty of options for customization such as built-in benches or planters that can enhance your outdoor living space. Wooden decks can come in a wide variety of materials, colours and sizes to suit any style of hot tub setup.

When it comes to safety and hot tub surrounds, wooden decks are also ideal because they won’t heat up quickly or become dangerously hot like other materials when exposed to hot water or direct sunlight.

In addition, wood is moisture-resistant, so it can hold up well over long periods without warping or becoming structurally weak. Wooden decks are an excellent hot tub surrounding option that offers aesthetic appeal as well as long-term durability, however, they do require regular maintenance such as staining or sealing to maintain their aesthetic appeal over longer periods.

Additionally, wooden decks may not be able to support larger spa models due to their weight-load capacity limits, thus owners of larger tubs should be wary of the potential dangers of wood deck surrounds. For a comprehensive guide on installing your hot tub on outdoor decking, read our previous blog, should I put my hot tub on decking?

Hot Tub Surrounds
© North Spas
Hot Tub Surrounds
© All Weather Leisure

Composite Decks

For hot tub owners looking for an attractive, low-maintenance solution to hot tub surrounds, composite decking is an excellent choice. They provide a sturdy, slip-resistant surface and their low-maintenance properties make it easy to keep the area around your hot tub looking tidy year-round.

Composite decks have a lifespan of around 25-30 years and require only minimal periodic cleaning compared to traditional wood which is known for its splintering and rotting. Highly resistant to UV light and fading, composite decks maintain their colour and beauty over time.

Composite decks are also much less likely to splinter or warp due to temperature changes and moisture absorption, which makes them a great option for hot tubs situated in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Easy cleaning methods make it worry-free when it comes to hot tub spills, ensuring a beautiful-looking space all year round.

Composite decks can come in a variety of colours, textures and patterns that can be matched to personal style preferences. Composite decks also provide great insulation for hot tubs, so if hot tub owners have an indoor hot tub setup, composite decks are ideal for maintaining consistent hot water temperatures without wasting energy running pumps too frequently.

In terms of cost, composite decks tend to be more expensive upfront than other hot tub surround options but are worth it for the low maintenance and longevity they provide.

Hot Tub Surrounds
© MySpa

Stone Patios

Stone Patios offer an eye-catching look with an old-world charm that fits well into almost any environment from modern contemporary homes to rustic cabins in the woods. Natural stone materials that are popular for hot tub surrounds include granite, sandstone, marble, quartzite, and limestone.

Stone patios are also very durable and long-lasting making them ideal for climates with extreme weather conditions such as snow and rain since they won’t warp easily like wood or composite materials would.

Additionally, stone patios are slip-resistant making them safe for use around pools and spas alike. While natural stone may be more expensive than other materials it certainly adds value with its timeless look.

Each of these materials has its unique characteristics and provides a distinctive look to the garden space surrounding your hot tub. For example, granite has a sleek look with a glossy finish while marble offers an eye-catching shine with its beautiful veining.

Sandstone is great for a more rustic feel to give your outdoor space and hot tub a more cosy atmosphere. Quartzite can provide interesting texture and colour variations to create an inviting environment for friends and family alike. Finally, limestone is a great option for giving your hot tub area an elegant touch.

Hot Tub Surrounds
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Hot Tub Surrounds
© Three Counties Pools & Spas

Hot Tub Cabanas

Hot tub cabanas are becoming increasingly popular garden spa and hot tub surround options for providing a luxurious spa-like experience and making hot tub and spa setups more inviting. For homeowners looking for hot tub shelter and enclosure ideas, hot tub cabanas can be one of the most functional and attractive options available.

Along with creating a neat space that offers shade and privacy, hot tub cabanas also help protect hot tubs from debris, inclement weather conditions, and other outside influences. The roof also helps to maintain the hot temperature of hot tubs during winter months, making them a great hot tub shelter choice for both outdoor and indoor hot tubs.

Hot tub cabanas come in many shapes and sizes, making them customizable for any outdoor space or backyard. Housing hot tubs within outdoor cabanas are becoming an increasingly popular option for many tub owners, so be sure to check out WhatSpa?’s Complete Hot Tub Housing Guide for more detailed information.

Hot Tub Surrounds
© All Weather Leisure

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Featured Product – The Covana OASIS

In recent years WhatSpa? and its sister publication WhatSwimSpa? and sister have highlighted numerous projects and grand design installations that have featured the Covana system and showcased its multiple benefits. Among these is the assurance of a robust and totally secure swim spa cover, which can be utilised in semi-sunken and fully-sunken installation projects to limit the impact of garden views.

Throughout the UK, a growing network of swim spa and hot tub dealers have been promoting the fact that the Covana design from Canadian manufacturer Canimex Group is the world’s first automated hot tub privacy gazebo that elevates above your swim spa or hot tub at the turn of a key, and there are now numerous examples of how owners are combining the innovative use of this technology to enhance the use of their swim spa.

Another key benefit is the fact that unlike most traditional spa and swim spa covers, there is no heavy lifting involved at all and owners can quickly and effortlessly gain access to their swim spa’s wellness capabilities by simply turning the key to operate the automatic lifting system.

While ensuring the task of lifting the cover is not a daunting or dangerous one, Covana’s weather-sealing system and high-insulating value, are additional features that are proving popular with swim spa owners seeking to save money on running costs with the highest levels of heat retention. More information on the Covana ranges can be found in our free magazine, so be sure to request a copy on the WhatSpa? site!

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Hot Tub Lights

Looking to spruce up your outdoor or indoor hot tub? Installing lights around your spa is an easy way to make it look great and set the right ambience. LED lights are exceptionally efficient and accessible, making them an excellent choice for implementation in safety lighting and ambient lighting effects. 

LED lights are a popular option as they are available in light strips, hot tub light bulbs, remote-controlled lights, and lights that change colours based on moods, LEDs provide countless options to customize your hot tub lights. You can create everything from subtle twinkle lights to bright illuminating lights for those who want hotter temperatures for their hot tub or simply need more light to see better.

With low power consumption, LED lights provide a cost-efficient method of lighting up your hot tub and spa surrounds. Plus, by having lights integrated with your spa system, you can enjoy all the mood and colour settings from the convenience of your remote control.

Depending on the kind of lights you choose, you can also find great energy conservation benefits without compromising on the luminosity of your lights. Investing in quality LED lights for your hot tub or spa setup will not only create a memorable experience but will also be sure to last years upon years with proper maintenance. More free information on hot tub lighting can be found in our 7 Bright Hot Tub Lighting Ideas blog.

Hot Tub Surrounds
© North Spas

Sunken Hot Tub Decking

For those looking for a unique, elegant touch to their outdoor garden or indoor hot tub setup, sunken decking ideas could be a perfect choice. Sunken hot tub decking is a great way to bring a sense of luxury and peacefulness to your outdoor or indoor hot tub space, and there are plenty of options for sunken hot tub installations that seamlessly integrate your hot tub or spa with your backyard patio area.

With sunken and semi-sunken decking you can create a spa retreat feel for yourself and your guests without compromising structural integrity or safety standards. While sunken hot tub decking is slightly more complicated to plan and install than traditional above-ground hot tubs, this added complexity often comes alongside added features like built-in steps and built-in benches to sit on while waiting for your hot tub to heat up.

Hot Tub Surrounds
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Hot Tub Surrounds
© Complete Spas

Key Considerations when choosing Hot Tub Surrounds

No matter what type of hot tub surround you choose there are several things you should consider before making your final decision. The type of surround you choose depends on two main factors; the size and shape of your hot tub, and the amount of space you have available.

Each type of hot tub surround as discussed has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, durability and maintenance requirements. Also consider what material will best match the overall aesthetic design of your home, how much maintenance is required if there are any weight load restrictions, and what type of safety features should be included etc.

Taking all these factors into consideration will help ensure that you’re getting the best possible hot tub surround solution for your needs while staying within budget. With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect hot tub surround idea for your home! To see more stunning examples of hot tub surrounds, be sure to check out the design ideas subsection on the WhatSpa? site.

No matter what your style, taste or budget is, there’s a luxurious hot tub surround idea out there for you, so go ahead and splurge! Your home – and your Hot Tub will thank you for it. If you need more inspiration and expert hot tub advice, be sure to visit the WhatSpa? website to order yourself a free copy of WhatSpa? Magazine.

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