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Celebrate National Hot Tub Day 2023: The History, The Benefits, and Party Ideas

Posted by Alex Clamp in Blog post on 28th March 2023

Hot tubs have been a staple of luxury since their inception in ancient Greece and Rome. From the days of parading around steaming hot springs to today where millions enjoy them right at home, it’s no wonder that National Hot Tub Day was created – so we can give these thermal baths all the recognition they deserve.

Celebrate National Hot Tub Day 2023 with us by learning more about the ancient origins of hot tubbing, plus explore the multiple health benefits this soothing activity holds and the unique ways you can celebrate on March 28th each year!

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History of National Hot Tub Day

ancient hot tub
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Ancient Persia

Ever wondered where the idea of a hot tub or hot bath came from? Well, it turns out that archaeological evidence has revealed therapeutic baths have been around since 4,000 years ago! In 600 BC the ancient Persian King Phraortes even took this to the next level and had one of the very first modern home spas chiselled out of solid granite for himself.

Ancient Greece

Hot water was also highly praised by some great minds in Ancient Greece such as Plato, and authors Homer and Hippocrates who believed strongly in its medicinal properties. And so began an age-old tradition – gathering at warm water springs not only to bathe but also partake in social activities together.

The Roman Empire

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The extravagance of the Roman Empire was unparalleled – and their spas were no exception. From sports stadiums to massage parlours, many of these luxurious facilities provided weary legionnaires with a place for recuperation and relaxation – all thanks to the term ‘Sanus Per Aquam’ or ‘health through water.’

They even built elaborate public baths, complete with heated floors, cold plunges, and steam rooms. The social aspect of the baths was also an important factor, where people would gather to discuss politics, art, and philosophy while taking their soak.

Ancient hot tubs and hot tub water was heated using a variety of methods, including fire, natural hot springs, and even heated rocks.

Today, we may be able to buy modern cutting-edge hot tubs, but the history and culture of their origins are a fascinating reminder of how 21st-century innovation has streamlined hot tub design & technology and improved our bathing experience over the many centuries.

So who knew that some 2,000 years ago people already believed in self-care?!

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hot tub health benefits
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Benefits of Soaking in a Hot Tub

We’ve published extensively about hot tub health benefits that can be achieved from hot tub hydrotherapy, including stress relief, muscle and back pain relief, arthritis relief, improved mental health, improved sleep, and better cardiovascular health and blood circulation.

Ready for whooshing away the winter blues? Grab yourself a good book, slip into blissful warmth & remind yourself of all those amazing hydrotherapy rewards this National Hot Tub Day!

Best Ways to Celebrate National Hot Tub Day 2023

national hot tub day
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National Hot Tub Day is the perfect day to celebrate your spa and all the benefits it offers. Here are some ways to celebrate:

  • Soak, relax and de-stress: Spend some time after work this evening soaking in your hot tub and continue to enjoy the relaxation, pain relief and health benefits.
  • Invite Friends and Family: Enjoy the lighter spring evenings in your hot tub and celebrate the day together with your closest friends and family.
  • Throw a Hot Tub-Themed Party: Host a hot tub party and enjoy food, drinks, and good company (who cares if it’s a Weekday?)
  • Share on Social Media: Share your hot tub photos and experiences on social media with the hashtag #NationalHotTubDay, we’ll be sure to like, RT the repost our fav posts!
  • Play Hot Tub Games: Play games like “Hot Tub Trivia” or “Hot Tub Charades” with friends and family.
hot tub hydrotherapy
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  • Exercise in a Hot Tub: Incorporate some low-impact exercises or stretching into your hot tub routine to improve your fitness and mobility.
  • Have a Romantic Evening in a Hot Tub: Light candles, play music and grab some Tuesday night drinks for a romantic evening with your partner.
  • Purchase a New Hot Tub: Consider upgrading your current hot tub and start researching the top best-buy models for 2023 in the latest issue of WhatSpa? Magazine!
  • Pick-Up some Hot Tub Accessories: Enhance your hot tub experience with accessories like aromatherapy scents, waterproof speakers, or hot tub spa bars.

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The Final Word

National Hot Tub Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the history and benefits of hot tubs while enjoying some fun and relaxation with your friends and family.

Whether you choose to host a hot tub party or simply take some time to soak and unwind, hot tubs offer a unique and enjoyable way to improve your health and well-being.

So go out and make tonight something special – gather up friends and family for some much-deserved relaxation time in your favourite soothing oasis.

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