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Posted by Nick Clamp in Buying on 19th April 2022

Planning on creating your own garden hot tub retreat? Start the grand design process with these in-spa-rational hot tub garden ideas.

The Latest Garden Hot Tub Inspiration

Hot Tub Garden Designs

Here are our favourite hot tub garden designs for every space and budget:

Soak and socialise

Photo © Chiswell Leisure

Place your garden hot tub on your patio and surround it with garden furniture to make it the focal point of your outdoor space. Pair your hot tub with rattan chairs in a complementary colour and it will look the part and you won’t have to worry about it getting ruined if it ever gets splashed.

Let there be light

Photo © North Spas

If you’ve got a top quality hot tub there’s no reason to bury it under ground. Specialist Artesian Spas dealership North Spas has won multiple industry award accolades thanks to care and attention to detail during installation projects. Install LED uplighting around your hot tub to seriously show it off after the sun sets. And lighting won’t just give your garden the “wow” factor at night – it will also help guide you to and from your hot tub during nighttime soaks. It’s also one of the ideas we include in our hot tub decorating ideas list.

Pick a pergola

Photo ©  Hot Tub House Yorkshire

Is the perfect spot for your home spa exposed to the elements, overlooked by the neighbours, or right under a tree that sheds its leaves? A pergola can protect you without making you feel too enclosed during soaks.

Step into paradise

Photo ©  Award Leisure Cheshire

Steps can transform a standard home spa into the stylish focal point of your outdoor space. Install steps leading up to your spa and they’ll draw the eyes upwards, creating a sense of height. Plus, they’ll make it easier to get in and out of your spa, which is ideal for anyone with mobility issues. This installation by Coast Spas specialist dealership Award Leisure Cheshire illustrates the benefits of gaining expert guidance and professional project assistance to allow future servicing and maintenance of your hot tub.

Partner with a pool

Photo ©  RotoSpa

If you’ve got the budget and space, a hot tub and swimming pool combo really is the height of luxury. Being able to swap between getting your laps in and hopping into your hot tub for a recovery-boosting soak will help unlock a whole host of hot tub health benefits. And surrounding them both with the same anti-slip decking will help tie them together and transform them into a style statement.

Get on the level

Photo © All Weather Leisure

If your garden is on a hill, you can use your space’s levels to create the illusion of a sunken hot tub. This helps your spa blend in with your outdoor space rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

Set in a summer house

Photo © ERGO Group

Want to create a luxurious retreat where you can completely get away from it all at the end of every day – no matter what the weather. Put your hot tub in a summer house to create a home spa Shangri-la (where you can even set up your own home cinema).

Gimme shelter

Photo © North Spas

Hot tub housing can transform your home spa into a secluded retreat you can luxuriate in at your leisure. Alongside keeping you out of your neighbours’ eyeline, a hot tub enclosure will protect you from the elements – and the sun’s harmful rays – while you sit back and relax.

Complement your cladding

Photo © Urban Cedar

Matching your hot tub’s cladding up with a fence or decking in a complementary colour is a simple and elegant way of bringing your outdoor space together as a cohesive style statement. You can even make your hot tub look like it was made for your garden with a simple fence panel made of the same material as its cladding. See our dedicated small hot tubs guide for more inspiration.

Sink it

© All Weather Leisure

Sinking a hot tub into your decking or the ground of your garden makes for a seriously spectacular look. If you’ve got the budget, it’s just about the most stylish hot tub garden design you can go for. Just be sure to follow our hot tub sinking advice to make sure sinking your home spa doesn’t come back to bite you.

Look for layers

© North Spas

For a striking finish, you can add visual layers that draw the eye up – while also concealing your hot tub – by installing a raised deck with your hot tub sunk into it at the bottom of your garden.

Tuck into a natural alcove

© RotoSpa

Slot your spa away into a nice nook and it will look a lot better than if you’d plonked it in the middle of your patio. If you’ve got the choice, always tuck your hot tub into a corner or place it up against a wall or fence so it looks the part in your space. Just be sure not to block maintenance access!

The final word

Go with one of these hot tub garden ideas to create a luxurious sanctuary you can escape to at the end of every day. No matter what life throws at you, you’ll always have this spa Shangri-la to kick back in and let the worries of the world drift away.

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