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Posted by Nick Clamp in Buying on 15th January 2020

Planning to create your own garden hot tub retreat? Then start your grand design process with these ‘in-spa-rational’ hot tub garden ideas.

Celebrity gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh MBE has inspired thousands of hot tub owners to transform their garden havens over the years thanks to his books, TV programmes and media profile coverage. Now, after helping to conduct and film television garden makeovers with hot tub installations, the ‘Love Your Garden’ presenter and former ‘Britain’s Best Back Gardens’, ‘Gardener’s World’ and ‘Ground Force’ presenter is planting the seeds of hot tub hydrotherapy within the blossoming wet leisure market after revealing that the best thing planted in his own green space is his hot tub!

The Yorkshire-born author of over 40 gardening books, best-selling novels and new novel ‘The Scarlett Nightingale’; and ‘Secrets of the National Trust with Alan Titchmarsh’ presenter, who also presented coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show for the BBC for 30 years and voiced the title character in ‘Gordon the Garden Gnome’ on the CBeebies channel, inherited a hot tub after purchasing a home on the Isle of Wight and has been hooked ever since!

After gaining his own hot tub garden haven and sampling the delights of relaxing with his wife in the restorative warm water of their own personal hot tub haven gardening journalist, poet, and novelist Alan, whose latest novel is set in wartime London and occupied France, immediately became a convert and is now an ‘addicted’ hot tub fan as it rids him of his worries.

“I don’t know anybody who’s got in one who hasn’t decided they’re the best thing since sliced bread,” enthuses Alan. “I’m now a fan. I’m totally addicted.

“It came with the house and we thought we’d get rid of it. But it was working so we thought we’d give it a go. The worries of the day melted away.

“After a day of pottering among my charges, I shall look forward to the sun passing the yardarm and submerging my body (glass in hand) in the restorative waters. If a hot tub was good enough for the Romans and Cleopatra – it is good enough for me!”

While the TV garden projects that Alan and his professional teams now undertake on ‘Love Your Garden’ can provide inspiration, there is no pressure or requirement for having to undertake lavish landscaping projects or exotic surroundings to gain the full hot tub benefits; as the main benefit of being portable is that hot tubs are specifically designed as stand-alone products. All you need is a foundation that is secure and solid for your dream garden hot tub.

However, if you are seeking to create a dedicated hot tub garden ‘grand design’ with more intensive planning and research then you may want to take inspiration from the many installation projects by wet leisure professionals and WhatSpa? readers who have surrounded their dream hot tub with their own individual design features and garden creations.

The Latest Garden Hot Tub Inspiration

Garden Hot Tub Inspiration

Here WhatSpa? provides you with ‘in-spa-ration’ with these inspirational garden hot tubs:

Photo © Chiswell Leisure

Combining a soak and socialising area all in one this above ground installation by Chiswell Leisure illustrates how hot tubs can be located within close proximity to a home and the ideal choice of exterior cabinet colour can help it to blend in perfectly with the surroundings. The standalone parasol provides flexible sun protection, while the rattan furniture is a great choice for socialising as there are no dangers of it being damaged by excessive splashing!

Photo © North Spas

If you’ve got a top quality hot tub there’s no reason to bury it under ground. Specialist Artesian Spas dealership North Spas has won multiple industry award accolades thanks to care and attention to detail during installation projects and this lavish hot tub project on a dedicated decking platform is an example that certainly has the ‘wow factor’ effect; especially at night time; thanks to an array of colourful lights strategically positioned around the hot tub. By positioning it next to the wall, the hot tub gains additional natural protection from any side wind.

Photo ©  Hot Tub House Yorkshire

When you have stunning countryside views like these then you will want to maximise your soak and scenery watching time in your hot tub. This Artesian Spas installation by Hot Tub House Yorkshire exemplifies the benefits of purchasing a gazebo or hot tub housing structure as part of your hot tub package to allow you to protect a hot tub from being cluttered by leaves from surrounding trees while you enjoy state-of-the-art hydrotherapy without having to worry about it being rained off. By including a lighting system within the roof of the sturdy structure it provides extra safety for the hot tub users during the evening.

Photo ©  Award Leisure Chesire

This installation by Coast Spas specialist dealership Award Leisure Cheshire illustrates the benefits of gaining expert guidance and professional project assistance to allow future servicing and maintenance of your hot tub. The owner wanted to gain stone step access to the hot tub but drew up plans to ensure the landscaping project retained the capability for hot tub technicians to conduct cover care plan duties and gain access to the internal pumps and electronics in the future.

Photo ©  RotoSpa

Having the option of a soothing hot tub soak or a dip in your pool is a nice choice to have. So if you have the space, budget and desire then go for it. British manufacturer RotoSpa has hot tub installations in gardens throughout the UK and this project illustrates how the selection of the exterior cabinet colour is important when you want you hot tub to blend in with the decking and stone surface. The rugged structure of the RotoSpa also is ideal for above ground installations as it is built to withstand every element of the British climate.

Photo © All Weather Leisure

Those who want to gain inspiration for helping them to ‘step’ into a hot tub hydrotherapy garden paradise this Jacuzzi installation by All Weather Leisure may be just the answer. By navigating a series of steps to a ‘below garden level’ the owners can take advantage of advanced hydrotherapy functionality without having to worry about any excessive splashing of water from the hot tub damaging their lawned area. It has extra benefits of providing shelter within the low maintenance area of the garden.

Photo © All Weather Leisure

Blending grass stone and wood in a spacious hot tub garden project, this Jacuzzi hot tub installation by All Weather Leisure has the hallmarks of becoming a classic. Although the hot tub is the centre piece of the garden it has been effectively located within the recessed area and there is extra reason for it to blend in perfectly with its stone and wood feature surroundings due to the choice of shell colour and exterior cabinet colour choice.

Photo © Three Counties

Taking under cover provision to a whole new level, or height, this hot tub installation by Three Counties Pools is one to be admired for many reasons. While enjoying a luxurious soak with state-of-the-art hydrotherapy functionality within their Caldera Spas Marino hot tub, the owners can enjoy unrestricted views of the garden and surrounding landscape from most sides. By locating it next to the wall the hot tub receives natural protection from the elements while the extremely large roof high above reduces the threat of a soak being called off by rain.

Photo © Urban Cedar

If you are seeking hydrotherapy from a round hot tub that blends into your garden project then this installation by Urban Cedar can be an example of what can be achieved with the thorough research of the market and perfect choice of hot tub. Without taking up too much space on the decking structure, which is expertly fitted with LED lights for extra safety for evening soak sessions, the round hot tub has a wooden exterior design that ensures it matches the wooden fencing structure behind.

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