Hot tub decorating ideas

Posted by Nick Clamp in Buying on 1st February 2022

With a bit of creativity, you can transform your hot tub into the stylish focal point of your garden.

To help you out, we’ve curated our pick of the best hot tub decorating ideas – each of which will take your spa’s looks up a notch on their own and work great in combination. 

Read on for inspiration for your very own hot tub decorations.

Find a natural alcove

Photo © RotoSpa

Your hot tub is going to look a lot better if it’s slotted nicely in an alcove rather than plonked in the middle of your garden. If your space permits, place your hot tub into a nook or corner so it blends in with your space rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. This will have the added bonus of offering you natural protection from the elements during your soaks

Sinking your hot tub into the ground

Photo © ERGO Group

Sinking your hot tub transforms it into a stylish statement piece as well as a relaxing retreat from life’s worries.

The most common – and one of the most stunning – ways to sink a hot tub is into decking. This lends it a sleek and sophisticated look that doesn’t distract from the rest of your garden or block the view of your borders.

Photo © All Weather Leisure

Another option is half-sinking your spa into decking. This won’t put you back as much or take as long as fully sinking it, will be a lot easier to get in and out of, and will be a lot easier to access for repairs and remove.

Photo © Catalina Spas

Perhaps the most stunning option of all is to sink a hot tub straight into the ground. This can be a great option if you’re already landscaping your garden, as you could add a sunken hot tub to your plans. 

If you go this route, just be sure to make accommodations for repair access. Removable sections made of decking that surround the spa are a good option here, as they can be easily lifted up for maintenance and repairs.

Be sure to check out our hot tub sinking advice if you choose to go this route.

House your hot tub

Photo © Hot Tub House Yorkshire

Hot tub housing can turn your spa into your own private retreat for you to luxuriate in at your leisure. It’s also a great way to make the most of your spa in all kinds of weather by protecting you from the elements – and the sun’s rays – during your soaks.

Housing is an affordable way to add some privacy to your soaks if you don’t have a convenient alcove to tuck your spa into out of sight of the neighbors. And inside the roof is a great place to install lights to add ambiance to your nighttime soaks.

Photo © Hot Tub House Yorkshire

Hot tub housing with open sides will protects you from the rain and most of the sun’s rays while still keeping you out in the open air.

Photo © The Hot Tub Factory

If you’re looking for more privacy, hot tub housing with a single open side is a good option.

​​Photo © ERGO Group

And you can also put your hot tub in a summer house to create a luxurious getaway where you can even set up your own home cinema.

Step things up

Photo © Outdoor Heaven

An easy way to make your spa easier on the eye – as well as more accessible – is building some steps around it. This is an elegant way to hit two birds with one stone.

Create your own green oasis

Photo © RotoSpa

Some carefully chosen plants can make for a natural and elegant windbreaker and privacy screen around your home spa. You can even enjoy the flowers’ aroma during your soaks – not to mention their beautiful bouquets.

Get on the fence

Photo © Urban Cedar

Adding fencing that matches your hot tub’s cladding is an easy and affordable way to help make it coherent with the rest of your outdoor space. If you’re surrounding your spa with new fencing, it will also help protect it from the elements and lend it a privacy boost.

Let there be light 

Photo © North Spas

Installing some LED uplighting around your hot tub will transform it into a serious style statement after the sun sets. It will also help guide you to and from your hot tub during nighttime soaks.

Pave the way

Photo © North Spas

Installing a path leading up to your spa not only looks great, but also prevents you from picking muck and grass up on your feet and bringing them into your hot tub with you. It will also draw the eye to your spa, which can work great in connection with some dramatic lighting or stylish ornamental steps.

Parting thoughts

Hopefully these hot tub decorating ideas have given you some inspiration for ways to spruce up your own home spa.

Not every one of these hot tub decorations work in every space, but there’s normally a way to incorporate at least one of these into your garden in your own way –  or use them as jumping off points for your own ideas.

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