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Hot Tubs Cheshire

Posted on March 10, 2008 by , in 2. Hot Tubs & Gazebos

Hot Tubs CheshireFrom humble beginnings selling from home over the internet, the last 2 years have seen impressive growth for Clear Water Hot Tubs. They have recently moved from their hot tub showroom in Deeside to take up residence at Waterworld Aquatic Centre located on the A540 Chester to Hoylake Road. Coupled with this they have been appointed the new official importer & distributor for Clearwater Spas in the UK.
Sales Director Chris Parkhouse says ” to achieve the honour of being asked to sell for such a prolific brand as Clearwater Spas just goes to show how far we have come in the past 2 years, we are now looking to establish ourself as a quality distributor as well as remaining one of the leading Hot Tub retailers in Cheshire. We also stock a full range of Spas from Vita Spas, available with immediate delivery and prices starting from £3,750 to the fantastic new swim spa retailing below £18,000 we feel we have the range and versatility to suit most UK customers”
Clear Water are now developing a hot tub dealer network across the UK to grow the brand and are very picky about the hot tub companies that they partner with to ensure that the range is only available from hot tub dealers who offer the same high level of customer service that Clear Water’s hot tub clients have become accustomed to.
Coupled with this they have also launched their new website with online shopping facilities for all Hot Tub chemicals & accessories. So if it is a good quality Hot Tub at a realistic price why not pop along and pay Chris or Linda a visit it’s well worth a visit. They are Open 6 days a week from 12-5pm (Closed Wednesdays) or Call them on 0870 89 66 019

Clear Water’s websites can be found at or you can email them at

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Hot Tubs Leicester

Posted on March 4, 2008 by , in 2. Hot Tubs & Gazebos

Hot Tubs LeicesterDan Hipkiss, the Leicester Tigers centre suffered a sports injury in 2007 which kept him off the field whilst recovering.  To help him with his recouperation he has had a Jacuzzi hot tub installed in his garden by Leicester Spas and Hot Tubs.  He chose the Jacuzzi brand of hot tubs not just because of the worldwide strength of the brand but also because the hydrothereutic massage was perfect for his recovery programme. 

Alison Emery from Leicester Spas and Hot Tubs says “we were so pleased to be able to help Dan as sportspeople just want to be playing rather than sitting on the sidelines watching their teammates so anything that will speed up the recovery time is vital.  Of course our showroom is directly opposite the Tigers ground so we have a vested interest in making sure that the team is up to full strength!”.

Leicester Spas and Hot Tubs also designed and built a gazebo around the Jacuzzi to provide privacy and landscaped around the tub.  Dan’s Jacuzzi has helped in his recovery and he has recently returned to his team.

Hot Tubs Leicestershire


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To celebrate What Spa?’s official status as the most popular hot tub magazine in the UK, we are publishing our 2008 issue earlier so that our readers can get the very latest about what is new in the UK hot tub market before they splash their cash in readiness for summer hottubbing.

2008 promises to be the biggest year yet for hot tub sales as more and more people recognise, not just the social benefits of relaxing in hot water with family and friends, but the many health benefits that are associated with hydrotherapy.

Millions of people in the UK suffer in silence from the debilitating effects of poor sleep, stress, back and muscular pain, arthritis and many other conditions whose symptoms can be greatly relieved by a regular dip in a hot tub.  The combination of heat, buoyancy and hydrotherapeutic massage removes pressure on joints, dilates blood vessels thus lowering blood pressure and releases toxins from the body, all of which help to relieve sysmptoms of many chronic health issues.

Just two or three 20 minute sessions per week will improve your health and sense of wellbeing immensely, as well as offering a great and relaxing way to spend your precious quality time with family and loved ones.  If you need any more proof, visit our Find a Retailer area, throw your bathing costumes in the boot and go for a wet test to your nearest hot tub showroom.

We hope 2008 is the year that you rip off the packaging and slip into the warm swirling water of your very own hot tub for the first time.

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Wooden Hot Tubs

Posted on February 23, 2008 by , in 2. Hot Tubs & Gazebos

Wooden Hot TubsIf you love the idea of getting into hot water in your garden but are looking for a more rustic hot tub design, a cedar hot tub may be the solution.  Cedar hot tubs are the forerunners to the more modern all-singing, all-dancing acrylic vacuum-formed models but for some, nostalgia wins out and they are still the product of choice.

Whilst there are a variety of wooden hot tubs on the market in the UK, mainly imported from Canada, a UK manufacturer has responded to this market niche and come up with an amazing new twist on the original format.  Andy Walsh, the founder of Rustic Tubs, based in Scotland, went about building a wooden hot tub that didn’t need any kind of elecrical supply in response to rural constraints on electrical power supplies.

Andy says “We built lots of prototypes before we perfected the process of building the cedar barrel-style tubs which we combined with our unique aluminium firebox, essentially a wood-burning stove…unlike electric spas which must be kept on permanently to ensure a working temperature, the firebox in your rustic tub is lit prior to each use, saving you money.  You can fuel your firebox with wood, coal or smokeless fuel depending on your environment”.

We think this is a great product for those with electrical constraints or a traditionally landscaped garden.  Prices start from just £1,700.  For more details visit the Rustic Tubs website at


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Indoor Hot TubThe vast majority of hot tubs are enjoyed in the great outdoors in gardens dotted across the UK.  However, if you want to enjoy the hydrotherapy benefits of your very own hot tub, maybe in your conservatory, orangery or in a purpose-built indoor spa room, the Rendezvous by Marquis Spas is a great model that combines the space-saving benefits of a triangular shape with an ingenious interior design that comfortably accomodates up to 3 bathers. Visit the Marquis Spas website for more information.

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