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HotSpring SpasOn Wednesday 27th August 2008, BBC Radio 2’s live drivetime show with Chris Evans was hosted from a HotSpring Envoy Hot Tub. Quirky Chris Evans is known for thinking outside-the-box and as part of Radio 2’s “Great British Staycation”, he decided to stay in and enjoy the delights of the HotSpring Envoy Hot Tub together with the entire Radio 2 production team and guests!

The show was a great success not only because of the Envoy’s quiet operation not overpowering the microphones, but it’s big enough to fit lots of people in (officially 5) – even the HotSpring yellow duck managed to go for a swim!

Chris said “We had a riot yesterday in the hot tub but I have never been so hydrated and then re-hydrated with all the wrong stuff.”

It hasn’t stopped with Chris and his team either, the nation has sent him pictures of themselves also enjoying their “Staycation” from their own Hot Tubs, with fun pictures and such comments as “After a hard day, what better way to relax than in a hot tub?” and “It’s raining but the hot tub is in a cabin so it’s OK!”.

Check out Chris’ hot tub by visiting the HotSpring Envoy page and the main hot tub section for some of the other HotSpring hot tubs used by the listeners.

You can also view pictures, watch videos and listen to the Radio 2 podcast of the show recorded whilst they were in our HotSpring Envoy by visiting the Radio 2 website now.

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HotSpring SpasHotSpring Spas Ltd are delighted to introduce the all-new Limelight range of hot tubs. These three hot tubs, the Glow, Flair and Pulse, offer a series that will fit into your lifestyle; whether entertaining a large group of friends, or enjoying a simple evening with the family.

The Limelight models are edgy and feature a modern, elegant design of sleek, flowing curves.  With the all-new Raio Lighting system, the hot tubs have multiple points of light that illuminate the entire spa interior.  And just like all other hot tubs in the HotSpring family, the Limelight series are extremely energy efficient with a fully-foamed cabinet.

Some of the features of the Limelight series include:

Vidro waterfall feature
Unique Raio LED-lighting throughout the interior of the hot tub
Stainless steel jet escutcheons
An optional Limelight music system with a remote interface for your iPod.
Built around a steel frame, this gives the hot tub significant structural integrity
Available in a variety of shell and cabinet colours including the new “sapphire” shell

And this is a great time to buy one of these wonderful hot tubs at a great price as HotSpring have just started their end of season stock clearance sale. For more details visit

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JacuzziOne of the most exciting additions to the Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Collection is the Skyline Profile.  This stylish, contemporary hot tub is the first tub designed for domestic installation featuring an infinity effect overflow and the deep immersion available gives the sensation of being in a far larger pool. 

Designed to seat 5-6 persons comfortably, this innovative new hot tub features lounge seating, interior lighting and an “Insound” stereo with a hidden speaker system.   An aromatherapy dispenser adds yet another dimension to the hydrotherapy experience.

31 Jacuzzi PowerPro® jets offer a range of massage experiences from a gentle and soothing massage to a deep muscle invigorating massage.  Jacuzzi patented jets are unique, with a 50/50 air to water ratio passing through each perfectly positioned jet.  The Skyline Profile features 1 x MX2,8 x FX, 6 x RX, 13NX2 x and 3 x FX2 jets all of which have been designed to deliver a different hydrotherapy experience.

Additional features include an “Instant Clear” function for rapid filtration, automatic water refill and self draining shell.

The hot tub has stylish stainless steel jet covers, interior finishes are available in White, Silver Pearl, Ocean Blue and Caribbean Blue, with the exterior in a luxurious Kanawood finish. 

Dimensions:  239cm x 215cm x 93cm
Water Capacity:  1,600 litres
Pumps:   2, 2 speeds
Retail Price Inc. VAT: £14,999

The Jacuzzi Hot Tub Collection is sold through specialist hot tub retailers throughout the UK.  For further details telephone 01782–717175 or visit

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Darren Waters SpafixWe are pleased to announce the addition of Darren Waters to our Spa Doctor panel. Darren Waters has with many years experience as a specialist hot tub service engineer and is the founder of Spafix UK Ltd which is an independent spa and hot tub servicing company. Since the company was formed in October 2007, Spafix has enjoyed rapid expansion as its reputation has grown within the the hot tub industry and with its growing client list. Darren brings broad experience of the technical aspects of many hot tub brands to our Spa Doctor panel and can answer the vast majority of technical questions that are posed from our readers.

If you have any technical questions about your hot tub or the management of clean and safe spa water please feel free to email our team at

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HotSpring Spas Charity AuctionOn Saturday 19th July 2008, HotSpring Hot Tubs held a charity auction at their Chelmsford showroom to raise money for The Honey Lock Fund in order to help donate a brand new HotSpring Hot Tub for a little girl called Honey Lock who has Cerebral Palsy.

The Hot Tub most appropriate for Honey was a HotSpring Sovereign Hot Tub, priced at around £8000 which presented quite a challenge, so HotSpring promised that for every target £1 raised at auction, HotSpring would donate £1 to the fund. The target was set to raise roughly £4000 from 18 part-exchanged hot tubs, all with a starting bid at just £1.

The day started grey and wet at 09.00am, heavy rain and the threat of thunder loomed overhead, however, HotSpring staff who had donated their own time were determined not to let this dampen their spirits, so they fought on through the rain to set up the event and save the BBQ. The determination paid off, the sun came out, the clouds went away and the people started to arrive at around 10.00am.

During the auction preview between 10.00am and 12.00pm, the crowd grew to over 150 people, the hot dogs smelt great and there was a sense fun and family spirit in the air. By 11.30am the large happy crowd were eagerly making notes on their prospective purchases and at 12.00pm Huw Chivers, Managing Director of HotSpring Spas called the auction to begin.

The first hot tub went for only £50, but next lot was won for £850. With each lot won, the sense of excitement grew. Some sold for over £1000 each others for only hundreds, but in the end the auction raised £6,417.00 for Honey.

Honey LockThe day was an outstanding success, when I asked Mr Lock, father of Honey Lock, how he thought it went he said “It’s far beyond our expectations” and seemed very pleased with the morning’s events. Mr and Mrs Lock along with Honey attended the auction from start to finish.

The grand total raised was £11,022.09  For more details visit


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