American Whirlpool

WhatSpa? Approved 2020
WhatSpa? Approved 2020

About American Whirlpool

Manufactured in the USA by Maax Corporation with foundations from way back in the 1970s, the Super Brand American Whirlpool is the almagamation of 4 amazing existing Hot Tub brands. Taking only the best bits, the best models, the best systems, the best features the tubs you see today are without a doubt the very best on the market! American Whirlpool maintains a warehouse in the United Kingdom to ensure a continuous supply for our many retailers located throughout the UK. We invite you to take the time to review our products and programs and learn why American Whirlpools are highly regarded throughout the World. We also invite you to review our products and are confident you will agree American Whirlpool have the right spa at the right price to meet your needs. Manufactured by Maax Corporation, USA they have a history of innovation including the development of 'Reverse Mold Technology' (RMT) and the energy efficient Ultimate Water Management System which incorporates the patented Aqua Klean filtration system.

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