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I am the MD here at WhatSpa Magazine and spend most of my time either working on the Magazine and website or travelling throughout the UK and abroad working with hot tub manufacturers, importers and showroom based retailers. I try to get onto the blog as often as possible so feel free to drop me a question or suggestion and I'll answer it as quickly as possible. Cheers Nick

If you are one of the 10 million or so people in the UK who suffer from some kind of sleep disorder, do not despair as help may be at hand in the form of one of the very latest luxury hot tubs to hit UK shores.

Hot tubs have always offered some relief from chronic pain and sleeplessness since the 1950’s when the first models were launched in North America, but the latest models have uleashed the full benefits of hydrotherapeutic massage that is so effective in relieving the symptoms of insomnia.

Regular bathing for at least 20 minutes in one of the latest luxury hot tubs is now proven to be effective in inducing sleep. A report in the scientific journal Sleep showed that soaking in a hot tub before bedtime not only improves the ability to fall off to sleep but also to sleep deeper and therefore more restfully.

Since tiredness can cause tension, a shorter temper and depression, the latest hot tubs are welcome relief for those affected. If you suffer from poor sleep and want to try out the effects of bathing in hot tubs, why not throw your bathing costume in the car and wet test a spa at one of the many hot tub retailers in your area?

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Hot TubsDespite a media-hyped slowdown in high street sales in recent months, a ray of hope shines on UK families in the form of surprisingly bouyant (excuse the pun) luxury hot tubs retail figures in the last 4-6 weeks.

With Sterling at record lows versus the Euro and the Dollar, disgruntled holidaymakers are deserting overseas beaches in droves, favouring the all-year-round benefits of relaxation and quality time that one of the latest energy-efficient luxury hot tubs can bring. A typical family hot tub is now more affordable than an overseas family holiday, with the added benefit of a 20 year+ lifespan for one of the quality brands of hot tubs.

With running costs starting at just 30p per day, the latest technological advances mean that modern hot tubs don’t have to break the bank either at point of sale or in everyday use. To put things into perspective, just one less trip to your local shops per day in a typical family car can more than pay for your hot tub to be warm, inviting and bubbling away at any time in readiness for your next dip.

With the stresses and strains of modern day life, there is no wonder that hot tub sales continue to buck the retail trend. For more details of your nearest hot tub retailers visit our Find a Retailer and find all of the hot tubs in your local area.

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Holiday cottage rental agencies are reporting that availability of hot tubs is now officially top of the list from holidaymakers. A survey of 5 rental agencies across England, Wales and Scotland has revealed that hot tubs are now top of their lists. “Log cabins are a close second but I think people on holiday like the thought of having a little extra luxury when they rent somewhere and the hot tub seems to be top of their wish lists” said a spokesman for the research.”

At this time of financial downturn, coupled with very poor tourist exchange rates against the Dollar and Euro, more and more people are forsaking foreign climes and turning to home for this kind of property for short breaks and holidays; so if you own, manage, or let such a property and you are not offering a hot tub facility, contact your local WhatSpa Approved supplier now and have a chat with them about ensuring your competitors are not stealing a march on you.

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Hot Tubs HullIf you live in the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire areas and are thinking of investing in a luxury hot tub, look no further than the Outdoor Living Hot Tubs Open Weekend to be hosted at their award winning showroom in Hull on Sat 4th and Sun 5th October.

Not only will they be throwing open the doors to their impressive showroom with expert staff on hand to chat about the many benefits of hot tub ownership, but they will have a host of attractions from free refreshments and bbq to a prize draw with prizes including free hot tub hire and use of Cannons gyms & health clubs.

If it’s bargains you are interested in, Outdoor Living are offering a range of “factory special deals” with literally thousands of pounds of savings available if you are looking for delivery either this year or in Spring 2009.

For more details and for your invitation call Kevin or Paul on 01482 212322 or visit

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HotSpring SpasOn Wednesday 27th August 2008, BBC Radio 2’s live drivetime show with Chris Evans was hosted from a HotSpring Envoy Hot Tub. Quirky Chris Evans is known for thinking outside-the-box and as part of Radio 2’s “Great British Staycation”, he decided to stay in and enjoy the delights of the HotSpring Envoy Hot Tub together with the entire Radio 2 production team and guests!

The show was a great success not only because of the Envoy’s quiet operation not overpowering the microphones, but it’s big enough to fit lots of people in (officially 5) – even the HotSpring yellow duck managed to go for a swim!

Chris said “We had a riot yesterday in the hot tub but I have never been so hydrated and then re-hydrated with all the wrong stuff.”

It hasn’t stopped with Chris and his team either, the nation has sent him pictures of themselves also enjoying their “Staycation” from their own Hot Tubs, with fun pictures and such comments as “After a hard day, what better way to relax than in a hot tub?” and “It’s raining but the hot tub is in a cabin so it’s OK!”.

Check out Chris’ hot tub by visiting the HotSpring Envoy page and the main hot tub section for some of the other HotSpring hot tubs used by the listeners.

You can also view pictures, watch videos and listen to the Radio 2 podcast of the show recorded whilst they were in our HotSpring Envoy by visiting the Radio 2 website now.

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