Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas: 8 Simple Hot Tub Privacy Ideas For Any Budget

Posted by Alex Clamp in Hot Tub Installation Guides on 10th March 2023

Nothing ruins a relaxing soak in your backyard hot tub-like feeling like you’re on display for the neighbours to see.

Whether you live in a bustling city or a quiet neighbourhood, hot tub privacy is essential for your comfort and maximising your hot tub experience.

These hot tub privacy ideas will help you create the perfect private garden hot tub getaway where you luxuriate without worrying about being overlooked.

Shielding your hot tub from prying eyes will also help protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays and the very worst of the weather.

So, read on for our pick of the very best hot tub privacy ideas for hot tub owners, and be sure to watch our recent ‘Meet the Expert’ video where expert landscaper Duncan Ross talks all things privacy.

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Pick a secluded corner

hot tub privacy ideas
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Lucky enough to have a few spots you could fit a hot tub in your garden? More often than not, you’ll have to choose between a secluded spot or somewhere right on your doorstep.

Tucking your spa away in a private nook is a great way to nip all your hot tub privacy solution problems in the bud. Plus, snuggling your hot tub into a corner of your garden will help it blend in with your space rather than sticking out like a sore thumb, as well as give it some natural protection from the elements during your soaks.

Just be sure that wherever you’re sticking your hot tub it has a sturdy hot tub base.


hot tub privacy fence

Fencing is a simple and affordable way to add some privacy to your soaks if you don’t have a convenient alcove to tuck your spa into out of sight of the neighbours.

Fence panels are the cheapest option and the easiest to install. You can have those up in a weekend. If you have a bit more cash to splash and you’re after something a bit more stylish, you can hire a contractor to install tongue and groove or slatted custom fencing around your home spa for a first-class finish.

Fences are also a practical and versatile option to create hot tub privacy, especially if you want to create a barrier between your hot tub area and your neighbours or the street.

They can be made of various materials, such as wood, vinyl, or metal, and can be painted or stained in different colours. A privacy fence can also offer security, durability, and customisation, and can be decorated with lights, art, plants, or climbers.

A trellis

hot tub trellis

A trellis is a great alternative to fencing if you’re looking for backyard hot tub privacy ideas on a budget. Plus, trellises can easily be reinforced with climbing plants like ivy or jasmine for added privacy and texture.

When placed on a fence line or side of the house, this type of structure also provides an aesthetically pleasing way to reduce noise from nearby traffic or neighbours.

Ultimately, a trellis is an effective yet stylish solution for hot tub owners who want maximum privacy and comfort in their outdoor oasis.

Hot tub privacy screen

Hot tub privacy screens are another great example of hot tub privacy ideas that won’t break the bank. These come in all shapes and sizes, from foldable wicker dividers to laser-cut metal screens to retractable partitions.

Unlike a permanent fixture like a wooden fence or a trellis, privacy screens can act as retractable privacy walls that can be stored in a shed or garage when they are not needed.

That means you don’t have to fret about them being carried away by the wind in the kind of storms we seem to be experiencing more and more often.

Hot tub corner screen

It’s well worth speaking to your hot tub dealer about whether your home spa has its own purpose-made privacy accessories. Some makes and models can come with hot tub privacy corner screens that slot into their frame and provide privacy on two sides.

This can give your hot tub a much-needed privacy boost without making it feel overly enclosed. Plus, since it’s purpose-made for your hot tub, it’s bound to look the part too.

Shade Sails

shade sails

Shade sails are a great way to create privacy and protection in your backyard if you’re a hot tub owner. They can be easily attached to walls, posts, and trees in the garden or patio area to create an inviting sun-shielded spot.

Unlike fences or screens, they require no digging or heavy lifting and are usually very easy to install and remove. Not only do they provide a visual barrier from neighbours, but they can also mitigate the effects of harsh UV rays emitted by the sun by over 90%, protecting users even further.

This allows you to create a space for yourself, family, and friends that can both provide privacy and remain comfortable and stylish for year-round outdoor spa relaxation!

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Use your greenery

© RotoSpa

Some carefully chosen plants can make for a natural outdoor living space and an eye-catching natural screening solution. Surround your outdoor spa with fragrant flowers and you can enjoy their aroma and tropical appearance while you soak in your back garden – not to mention their beautiful bouquets.

Just be sure to pick your plants carefully, as varieties that shed leaves or lose them all in the winter could prove to be more trouble than they’re worth.

Bamboo Screens

Bamboo screens are a popular choice for hot tub privacy because they are eco-friendly, affordable, and easy to install. You can buy them in different sizes and heights, and they come in various patterns and colours to help create a natural setting.

Bamboo screens can also create a tropical or Asian-inspired ambience around your hot tub, especially if you combine them with other elements, such as stones, water features, or lanterns.


hot tub hedges
Photo © MySpa

Hedges are a traditional and elegant option for hot tub privacy, especially if you want to create a formal or symmetrical garden. They can be made of various types of shrubs, such as boxwood, yew, or privet, and can be shaped into different heights and shapes. Hedges can also offer a habitat for birds and insects and can reduce noise and pollution.


Vines are a natural and artistic option for hot tub privacy, especially if you want to create a vertical garden or a living wall. They can be grown on a trellis, a fence, or a pergola, and can be selected for their foliage, flowers, or fruit. Climbing vines can also provide shade, fragrance, and biodiversity, and can attract pollinators and beneficial insects.

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Hot Tub Housing

© North Spas

If you’ve got a bit more budget to play with, hot tub housing such as a wooden gazebo will add visual interest to your garden landscape and transform your hot tub into your own private retreat where you can luxuriate at your leisure.

Since it will protect you from the elements – and the sun’s rays, it will also let you enjoy your spa no matter what the weather is while still enjoying the summer breeze.

© Hot Tub House Yorkshire

The most affordable kind of hot tub housing is a simple pergola, which can help provide a perfect privacy enclosure for your home spa soaking sessions – without leaving you feeling too enclosed or blocking too much of the sun.

© ERGO Group

If your garden is overlooked on all sides, you can even put your hot tub in a summer house to create a luxurious getaway that’s completely out of sight of the neighbours. You can even set up a home cinema in your summer house to make your home spa feel like the ultimate getaway.

Hot tub enclosure

hot tub enclosure
Photo © iStock

Hot tub enclosures provide a great way for hot tub owners to add some privacy to their backyard. These structures come in a variety of different styles and materials, so there’s something to suit just about any outdoor space.

From metal or vinyl walled-in areas with roofs, to simple sun shades or even lattice walls, an enclosure can help create a barrier while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors.

Many of these enclosures also have doors and windows, which can make it easier for you to both enter and exit your hot tub as well as adjust ventilation levels throughout the day.

Hot tub gazebo

Not only do hot tub gazebos provide an additional layer of security, but they also offer superior protection from the elements that could potentially be damaging to your hot tubs and yourself, such as UV rays, pollen, and wind.

In addition, when it comes to both aesthetic appeal and practicality, these gazebos typically come as pre-assembled kits with an easy-to-install manual that makes for an accommodating instalment process. Even better yet, you can find options in all kinds of price ranges so you can select one that fits your needs without breaking the bank.

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Sink it

sunken hot tub
© All Weather Leisure

Sinking your hot tub is one of the pricier options when it comes to hot tub privacy. But it’s certainly effective – and makes your hot tub design look incredible.

Dropping your hot tub a few feet, whether that’s into the ground or into the decking, could be all it takes to completely conceal it from your neighbours’ line of sight.

If your home spa isn’t wholly obscured when it’s sunk, you can add a frosted glass surround for a stylish privacy screen that doesn’t block the light.

Modern Partitions and Enclosures

If you would prefer a more contemporary or sophisticated look to provide privacy for your hot tub, you can choose from a wide range of modern partitions and enclosures. These can be made of metal, tinted glass panels, fabric, or plastic, and can offer various levels of opacity, ventilation, and durability.

Glass Walls

hot tub privacy glass
Photo © Jacuzzi

Glass walls can offer a stunning and uninterrupted view of your surroundings, while still enabling you to create privacy and protection from the wind or the rain.

You can choose from different types of glass, such as tempered, laminated, or frosted, depending on your preferences, budget, and visual interest. Glass privacy walls can also reflect the colours and textures of your garden, or act as a mirror at night.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to make a hot tub private cheap?

Privacy screens are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, making them a great idea for those looking for added privacy in their hot tub on the cheap.

If you don’t want a permanent fixture, think about getting potted plants that will act as buffers around the hot tub perimeter while adding beauty and charm to your outdoor space.

Can neighbours complain about a hot tub?

In the UK, there are laws in place to ensure appropriate noise levels from neighbours’ hot tubs. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, a person can be in breach of a ‘statutory nuisance’ for making an unreasonable level of noise, such as from hot tubs.

While guidelines help mitigate potential problems from excessive noise levels, hot tub owners should be aware of their legal obligations and make every effort to be courteous to those living around them. 

What can I plant around my hot tub for privacy?

Evergreen hedges are a great natural privacy screen option as they provide almost year-round cover and can easily be maintained.

You could also consider planting bamboo which is both low maintenance, and grows quickly forming a low dense hedge in the summer months. Bamboo is also quite hardy and resistant to most diseases, so you don’t have to worry about the tough climate of hot tub areas.

Another option would be artificial boxwood mats that come in various sizes and can provide a very natural look while being environmentally friendly. No matter what plant you choose, your outdoor retreat will be well on its way to becoming a private oasis.

How high does a privacy fence need to be around a hot tub?

Generally speaking, you should aim for at least 5 feet high if you’re looking to completely block out any view from your neighbours or passersby. However, depending on the model of your hot tub, you may need to make allowances for tall people accessing the unit.

In that case, 6 feet would be the recommended height as this will allow anyone over 6ft tall to comfortably enter and exit your hot tub without having to duck or crouch down. It’s also important to factor in potential wind conditions for extra security and support when building your privacy fence.

Summing up

Are the only spots in your garden that fit a hot tub overlooked by the neighbours? Hopefully, these backyard hot tub privacy ideas have inspired a stylish solution that will have you soaking in your home spa in complete comfort.

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