The UK’s Best Hot Tubs 2019 Reviewed

This edition is full of spa reviews as well as top tips on buying, owning and maintaining your very own hot tub.

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The latest edition of WhatSpa? magazine features:

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Buying a hot tub

Buyer's guide

If you’ve never purchased a hot tub before, the process can be a little daunting. Fear not, our team of experts are at hand to walk you through the process and make choosing your new spa as easy as possible. In the latest edition we have broken down our buying tips into three easy steps to make buying your perfect hot tub easy.

Featuring top brands

Lifestyle focus

How a hot tub can benefit you

Taking a regular dip in a quality hot tub can unlock the combined benefits of a healthy mind and body. In our latest edition of WhatSpa? we have investigated the latest health research to show you the health benefits you could unlock with a new hot tub.

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Family enjoying a hot tub

Be inspired

Installation inspiration

Planning to create your own hot tub haven at home? Get the taste for in-spa-rational hot tub installations in our latest copy of WhatSpa? magazine. The latest inspiration includes advice from Alan Titchmarsh on developing your own hot tub haven in your garden.

WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards 2019

The Best Buy Awards section within the magazine, features 24 pages crammed full of the very best hot tubs with specifications, ratings and our WhatSpa? verdict!

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