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WhatSpa? Spring 2021

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The latest edition of WhatSpa? magazine features:

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How to buy the best hot tub for you

If you’ve never purchased a hot tub before, the process can be a little daunting. Fear not, our team of experts are at hand to walk you through the best hot tubs and make choosing your new hot tub as easy as possible. In the latest edition we have broken down our buying tips into three easy steps to make buying your perfect hot tub easy. We also provide guidance on finding hot tubs in stock.

Featuring top brands

Lifestyle focus

How a hot tub can benefit you

Taking a regular dip in a quality hot tub can unlock the combined benefits of a healthy mind and body. In our latest edition of WhatSpa? we have investigated the latest health research to show you the hot tub benefits you could unlock with a new hot tub. With many of the best hot tubs including the latest hydrotherapy jets to emulate massage therapy, as well other technology such as mood lighting, there has never been a better time to invest in a hot tub. See the full details and research in our latest edition of WhatSpa? now.

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Family enjoying a hot tub

Be inspired

Hot tub installation inspiration

Planning to create your own hot tub haven at home? Get the taste for in-spa-rational hot tub installations in our latest copy of WhatSpa? magazine. The latest inspiration includes advice from Alan Titchmarsh on developing your own hot tub haven in your garden. We’ve included photos and details of recent hot tub installations by the leading showrooms to provide you with further inspiration for planning your very own hot tub installation. To ensure that you’ve covered all bases, the latest edition also includes the WhatSpa? pre-delivery checklist. Also check a snapshot of our latest garden hot tub ideas within our Knowledge Bank.

WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards - The UK's Best Hot Tubs - Our Top Picks

The WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards section within the magazine, features 24 pages crammed full of the very best hot tubs to buy with hot tub reviews, specifications, ratings and our WhatSpa? verdict! Our Best Buy Awards acknowledge the hot tub models that excel across a range of criteria, including design, aesthetics, comfort, hydrotherapy and value-for-money. We have split our Best Buy Award winners into five different price brackets to make choosing your ideal hot tub easy.

To see the latest WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards, request the latest edition of the WhatSpa? magazine now. WhatSpa? is the UK’s leading consumer hot tub buyer’s guide magazine and has advised and informed hundreds of thousands of hot tub buyers across the UK for over 10 years to find the best hot tubs. This edition is full of reviews of the best hot tubs in the UK as well as top tips on buying, owning and maintaining your very own hot tub. Don’t buy a hot tub or swim spa without it!

Hot tubs are becoming a key investment choice for families wanting to enhance their home enjoyment, rather than risk the ramifications of dealing with travel doubt due to Brexit and the Coronavirus health concerns.

A famous quote states that ‘knowledge is power’ and our ‘Best Buys’ will provide you with extra product knowledge as a guide to draw up your shortlist of hot tub choices. Thanks to the enhanced consumer knowledge, the attraction of unreliable and sometimes cut price grey imports sold over the internet is subsiding. And an increasing number of discerning consumers are buying quality hot tubs from specialist stores, which provides bona fide products and quality showroom customer service, backup and support.

There are currently some fantastic deals to be had from some of the market-leading brands, so if you are thinking of investing in a luxury hot tub, be sure to throw your bathing costumes in the car and ‘try before you buy’ at a selection of your local showrooms.

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