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Nick Clamp Posted by Nick Clamp in Buying on 15th June 2020

As you come to the end of your hot tub research and prepare to narrow down your final short list of options, one of the considerations regarding covering the cost is potentially how the purchase can be financed.

If you are sitting on savings as part of a nice ‘nest egg’ gathering little interest in your bank then you may be seeking to splash out on a new hot tub with a ‘cash only’ payment based on matching your budget to guidance from the specific WhatSpa? Best Buy Award price categories.

On the other hand, you may be seeking to gain the immediate impact of luxury hydrotherapy wellness by seeking out a dealership that provides several flexible hot tub finance packages to spread the cost efficiently over a number of years.

If you are in this second category, then read on to discover exactly how hot tub financing may provide the best option to gain a dream new hot tub with the best specifications for your personal lifestyle and health requirements.

What percentage of a hot tub can I finance?

Most of a hot tub purchase price can be obtained with hot tub finance, and often there is a minimum price point and deposit required, For example some dealers may specify a percentage, such as 10% of the total, or a minimum order over £1,000. So, if you see a hot tub for £5,500 you would only initially have to pay £550 in the showroom on your ten per cent deposit and then you can arrange arrange an agreement for the rest on finance.

If you are going to use this route then it is important to do so wisely, and with as much research as possible, as credit is subject to status and affordability.

How much deposit is normally required?

Matching up your dream hot tub with the best financial deal for your budget is the ideal strategy.

There are plenty of low deposit incentives available from the leading UK showrooms with hot tub finance deposits typically starting from as little as £100.

If you choose a ten-year term as part of a current deal from one of the leading brands in the UK hot tub market, you could put a £100 deposit down and gain a top quality model for 48 interest free monthly charges.

Even if you are purchasing a hot tub with an injection of your own savings you should always pay any of the deposit or up-front costs with at last £100 on your credit card to provide you with extra peace of mind under the Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

What hot tub finance periods are typically available?

Most hot tub retailers offer 3 options for hot tub financing:

  • Buy now and pay nothing for 12 months – with interest charged from day 1 however with a 12 month deferral of payment (up to 48 month total term)
  • Interest free finance across 12, 24, 36 or 48 months
  • Low rate finance over a longer period, typically across 36, 48, 60 or 120 months

If you are new to the market, or planning to move home in a few years without relocating your hot tub, then you may want to dip your feet in gently with a finance package over just a few years. This will provide you with the advantage of being able to take up the option of many of the three-year and five-year period deals that are typically available. 

Interest free hot tub finance

Within the British hot tub market there are currently ‘interest free’ finance deals, with the payment terms generally covering a 36-month period. Some of these are involving a minimum spend requirement and a specific deposit amount. An example of this is a £10,000 hot tub, with a 25 percent deposit of £2,500 that could then result in you only having to have the necessary financial resources to cover interest free monthly charges of £208.33 for a three-year term.

Finance for longer payment periods

You may also want to become one of the growing number of hot tub owners who purchase a hot tub with finance deals spreading the cost over a much longer period up to ten years. These deals, which are currently available through a top brand dealer network and at selected leading hot tub showrooms, may be perfect for those planning an installation project to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub for more than a decade and beyond.

As well as spreading the cost with smaller monthly payments, the key advantage of a longer finance deal from a reputable supplier is the fact that you will be covered for faults during the lifetime of the finance agreement period of hot tub use.

Do most hot tub retailers offer finance?

Generally, you should find that that there are leading suppliers within your region who now provide hot tub finance packages for their top quality hot tubs as a standard service.

Hot tub distributors are constantly expanding their networks and even if you are unfortunate not to have at least one local dealer ‘on your doorstep’, and your scope is limited, you should still be able to gain a finance deal from a regional top quality product dealership, although your product scope and choice may be more limited.

How do I get the best deal?

This question is a critical element of the final element of hot tub purchasing and successfully ‘closing the deal’ to ensure you get the best deal.

The main incentive of a structured finance deal being promoted by your local dealership is the fact that all parties are immediately aware of what is entailed because the marketing campaign highlights all the necessary deposit and APR provisions.  It simplifies the process for all concerned and provides an effective strategy to gain your dream hot tub through finance.

If you are seeking to drive your own individual ‘hard bargain’ then it may require some extra work on your part. Compare deals at other hot tub showrooms and check out some of the best ones personally before finally selecting a retailer who is prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ to provide you with the best possible deal to tick most if not all your check list requirements. This can include matching or undercutting rival pricing, as well as providing additional complementary hot tub accessories, including steps, chemicals, and even superior cover lifters, as part of an enhanced ‘package deal’.

One element of advice when striking deals, though, is that they should always be linked to a top quality hot tub product from a respected manufacturer and reputable supplier, such as a WhatSpa? Approved retailer, that can provide you with total professional purchasing, installation and after care services.

What should I look out for?

As with all our guidance, the advice when seeking out finance deals on hot tubs is to always follow the professional route.  Top quality hot tubs that are ‘built to last’ should always provide you with hydrotherapy benefits long after finance deals have expired.

After you have drawn up your shortlist from WhatSpa? Best Buy Award-winning hot tub brands then research your local and regional hot tub showrooms to see if they have a WhatSpa? Approved logo and dedicated ‘Retail Finance’ logo or ‘Finance Available’ marketing; as well as ‘Finance Options’ advice and guidance.

If they then have some of the hot tubs on your short list and favourable customer reviews, to provide you with peace of mind from sites such as TrustPilot, and Feefo, you can then proceed to the showroom visit and wet testing stages.

Looking out for campaigns that are being run in the early part of the year, for example, or ‘Black Friday’ initiatives near the end of the year, may help you to gain a top quality model from your local dealership’s ex-display options that are making way for some of the new lines that are being introduced.


To conclude our finance purchasing guidance it is important to stress that the main advice is to conduct research thoroughly and always work to your own individual financial status requirements. Scrutinise offers and never jump into a hot tub financial deal on the spur of the moment.

If your finance options are still limited, never opt for a poor quality hot tub. You could instead look out for offers on previously owned top quality models and any showroom retailers that specialise in ‘second hand’ or ‘trade-in deals’, which may be also be available on finance without the requirement of large deposits.

In this case, if it is not a hot tub brand generally supplied by the dealership and you are not aware of the full specification of the specific model then it is important to conduct your own independent research and review the latest hot tub reviews. This will ensure the model has gained favourable trade reviews and satisfaction from other owners and is suitable to be purchased as a long-term investment.

Also, where you live and the timing of your hot tub showroom visits during different seasons throughout the year can also be influential in gaining the best outcome and most suitable finance provision.

Many of the leading WhatSpa? Best Buy Award-winning hot tub brands have dedicated marketing campaigns running throughout the year linked to specific seasons and themes relating to existing products or new launches. Distributors then provide the required stock level support for their network of dealers to supply to their customers efficiently as part of specific hot tub promotion linked to finance package deals.

These hot tub promotions from professional dealerships are generally a good starting point for drawing up a short list to ensure you gain the delivery of your dream hot tub as quickly as possible once you have signed on the dotted line.

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