How to I securely visit a hot tub showroom during the pandemic?

Posted by Nick Clamp in Blog post on 3rd July 2020

If you are planning to visit a professional hot tub dealership in the current ‘new normal’ circumstances during the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown you may be considering two important questions:

“How do I know I am visiting a hot tub showroom that is following strict COVID-secure procedures?”

“Will I need to conduct hot tub research and notify the dealership ahead of my visit?”

Research preparation

Gaining as much knowledge about the hot tub market is essential to ensuring that your hot tub showroom trip is going to be a safe experience with a positive outcome for you and your family. This should then result in you obtaining the best possible hot tub to suit your requirements and lifestyle.

Your pre-showroom visit research is critical. As the saying goes ‘knowledge is power’ and by ordering the latest edition of WhatSpa? you will be armed with knowledge from industry-respected professionals. You will also be able to quickly find a suitable WhatSpa? Approved hot tub showroom location within your geographic area.

Virtual tours

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown many professional hot tub showrooms have been providing their prospective customers with virtual tour facilities to allow them to browse around the showroom to view hot tub and wet leisure products on offer.

Now these virtual hot tub showroom tours are being complemented with the current phase of COVID-secure showroom visiting opportunities. To complement your hot tub research you should take advantage of both of these facilities, as they provide pre-visit knowledge about the showroom that then provides you with the capability to sit in a hot tub to assess its suitability.

Once you begin the purchasing process from your chosen hot tub showroom dealer then you can also continue to utilise these virtual tour facilities to your advantage. Where possible it is important to encourage the use of remote communication with a hot tub dealer to allow you to gain as much hot tub product and installation knowledge as possible

Many brands now have built up an online footage from a catalogue of product knowledge to promote their hot tub models and, once you receive the latest copy of WhatSpa. You can utilise any of the WhatSpa? QR Code links within the dedicated section of the WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards to immediately view Youtube and Vimeo video footage about the respective hot tub model digitally on your smartphone or mobile devices.

In recent years WhatSpa? Approved hot tub dealerships have been ramping up their digital presence with user-friendly online capability to enhance product knowledge on their websites and links to the dedicated hot tub dealership social media platforms. So before heading off to your nearest hot tub showroom location it may be a good idea to browse through the dealership’s social media links to gain an idea of the company and customer feedback and part of your enhanced product information research before visiting the showroom.

COVID-secure appointments

Ahead of opening their showrooms hot tub dealers will have had to change their operational procedures to ensure they are COVID-secure. So, before visiting a COVID-secure hot tub showroom you must be prepared to comply with the strict safety measures that have been put in place by the individual dealership to ensure your health.

To ensure that you are not going to be wasting a journey you should always check first that your designated showroom destination is open and providing COVID-secure hot tub viewing. It is also important to check before departure if there are new COVID-secure measures being implemented. And if the hot tub showroom is open for just general COVID-secure social distancing browsing or if you will be allowed inside with or without a dedicated visitor appointment.

As the showroom lockdown has been eased many dealerships have been providing prospective customers with the opportunity to a book a COVID-secure visiting time to ensure limited contact with other members of the public during the showroom appointments.
These appointments may only allow a short time for browsing so it is in your best interests to have as much preparation in place to ensure that you can gain as much beneficial face-to-face information and product knowledge during the hot tub showroom visit.

If you are new to the hot tub market and this is your first experience of hot tub showroom visits then the chances are that you may require more time than a limited appointment, especially as the best route to hot tub purchasing satisfaction is generally by wet testing your final choices on your short list.

It may be a good idea to book a follow up appointment, and a COVID-secure hot tub wet test appointment, if you require additional peace of mind before purchasing a hot tub. Also, even if the customer service is exceptional, it may benefit you to visit other COVID-secure hot tub showrooms in your geographic area to gain an insight into how competing dealerships are operating under the current circumstances.

WhatSpa? Approved dealerships may even recommend that you visit other dealers to ensure that you gain the best hot tub purchasing outcome by gaining comprehensive awareness of the hot tub products that are available at showrooms in your geographical area.

Never feel pressured into purchasing a hot tub during your first showroom visit, especially if you do not believe that you are going to obtain a satisfactory top quality hot tub, which is going to provide you with the assurance of health and wellness benefits and reliable use for many years to come.

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