All-Seater vs Lounger Hot Tub: Which is Right for You?

Posted by Nick Clamp in Buying on 27th August 2021

If you’ve been browsing hot tubs online or in your local showrooms, you’ve no doubt noticed that some spas come with a lounger seat that resembles an underwater chaise longue.

These are lounger hot tubs, which – unlike their all-seat counterparts – allow you to stretch out for a full-body massage.

But which option is right for you: an all-seat or lounger hot tub?

Here’s a look at the benefits – and the drawbacks – of lounger hot tubs, as well as what to look out for if you decide it’s the right option for you. 

The benefits of a lounger hot tub

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A top-of-the-line hot tub with a lounger seat is your ticket to total relaxation. It gives you space to stretch out and enjoy a luxurious full-body massage in the comfort of your back garden.

Because a lounger seat will give you a leg massage, it transforms a soak into the perfect way to say ‘so long’ to the aches and pains that come with being on your feet all day.

It’s also a great way to speed up your recovery after a strenuous workout – see our full guide on hot tub exercise recovery for more information.

The drawbacks of a lounger hot tub

If you want to regularly entertain friends and family in your home spa, then the biggest drawback of a lounger hot tub is that it can’t fit as many people, since a lounge seat takes up the space of two or three upright seats. 

It’s a bit less sociable as well, as the person in the lounge seat will be facing sideways – or having to crane their neck to join in the conversation. 

Of course, these are only drawbacks if you’ll be having people over to soak in your spa. You might even want to go for a hot tub with two lounge seats if you’re a two-person household who’ll only ever be using it as a couple. 

Is an all-seater or lounger hot tub the best option for you?

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So, which should you go for: an all-seat or lounger hot tub?

The first question to ask is whether you and the rest of your household like the lounger seats of hot tubs. Some people love them, but they’re not for everyone – especially those who tend to easily overheat.

So, round up the family and head to a reputable hot tub dealership to wet test plenty of all-seat and lounger hot tubs to find out which you all prefer. 

Make sure to take the preferences of your whole family into account here. It might not be worth going for a lounger hot tub if only one person will be using that seat – especially if that means compromising on capacity.

That brings us onto the deciding factor for most families – how many people each kind of hot tub fits. 

You’ll either have to make do with fitting less people into a lounger spa or go for a larger model to accommodate the same amount of people. 

Of course, a bigger hot tub isn’t an option for everyone, since it will take up more space in your garden and be more expensive.

You might need to compromise here, so make sure to think about how you’ll be using your hot tub most of the time. 

If it’s mainly going to be used for solo soaks with the odd get-together here and there, you might want to opt for a lounger hot tub – even if it means it doesn’t quite fit everyone at once on the few occasions a year you have friends and family over. 

On the other hand, if you’ve got a big household or you’re planning on making your home spa the centre of your social plans, you might live to regret going for a lounger hot tub. 

If you’re a new hot tub owner and not totally sure about how you’ll be using your home spa, then it all comes down to just how much you have your heart set on a lounger seat after your wet testing.

What should you look out for if you’re buying a lounger hot tub?

Alongside the rules of thumb from our hot tub buying guide, there are a few specific things to keep in mind when you’re wet testing lounger hot tubs. 

Firstly, not all hot tub loungers are created equal. Make sure everyone in your family properly tests out each model’s lounge seat to make sure you end up with one that’s comfortable for your whole household. 

One thing to pay particular attention to is that you don’t float when the jets are turned on. If you’re petite or you have kids that want to use the lounger, it’s well worth looking for a model that keeps your legs propped up, as this will lower your centre of gravity and help stop the jets from pushing you up. Look out for models with foot ridges you can push your feet into to stay grounded, too. 

Make sure the jets give an effective and relaxing full-body massage as well. Each brand arranges the jets of their hot tub lounger seats differently, so make sure to test plenty to ensure you get one your whole family agrees gives a great massage. 

When it comes down to it, whether an all-seat or lounger hot tub is right for you comes down to personal preference – as well as how many people you’re looking to be able to fit into your home spa at once. 

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