Riptide Pools

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About Riptide Pools

At Riptide we pride ourselves on producing world class products and delivering a first class after-sales service with unbeatable customer care.

We want you to enjoy your hot tub with the knowledge that you have the support from a company that truly cares about your needs.

Riptide Spas are constructed using the finest hardware and materials, including Aristech acrylic shells and Balboa electronics.

Unlike a conventional spa, Riptide Spas require very little cleaning as they incorporate a state-of-the-art filtration and sanitising system, with high performance pumps, corona discharge ozone systems and filter systems. With a large choice of models, we have the hot tub to suit you and your lifestyle.

As part of our service, most Riptide dealers provide wet test facilities at their showrooms. Our spas are only delivered and installed by highly trained teams with a full on-board parts facility. We have dedicated technicians ensuring a prompt and efficient after-sales service.

Riptide Pools is a WhatSpa? Approved manufacturer brand. See our current certificate of approval here.

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