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Sundance Spas

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Sundance Spas UK
Roundswell Commercial Park West
EX31 3UA

There's so much to love about owning a Sundance spa. Just pull back the cover & you're ready to go

Fluidix technology tailors the massage to a specific area of your body.

A MicroClean Plus spa filter provides you with superior filtration and crystal clear water

Spend time together. Take a few moments to relax. Feel tensions fade in the warm, massaging water. One uniquely effective brand of hot tubs does all this for you better than any other, welcome to Sundance Spas.

At Sundance, we like to say that we move water differently.

PATENTED HYDROTHERAPY - First, our Fluidix technology is so versatile it tailors the massage to a specific area of the body. Second, our jets let you control the massage throughout your hydrotherapy session. You can adjust some jets four different ways! Third, each jet is positioned in the spa for maximum effect. We invite you to compare other hot tubs to the patented hydrotherapy in Sundance 880 or 780 series spas, & notice the way the water moves. We think you will feel the difference.

PURE CLEAN WATER - After years of testing Sundance has perfected a system that makes water care a breeze, Water is treated using an exclusive UV-C light technology that even reduces the amount of sanitising chemicals needed. Our MicroClean filtration helps ensure clean, sparkling water with less maintenance through a combination of highly effective filtering, circulation and skimming processes.

INSPIRED DESIGN - Sundance spas are designed to run flawlessly, with proven reliability backed by a comprehensive warranty program. Our commitment to excellence starts with our design and manufacturing teams who are amongst the most experience and creative professionals in the industry. They are responsible for introducing a number of innovations, from the first electronic spa control system(1984) to the revolutionary Fluidix bearingless jet design technology.

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