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WhatSpa? Approved 2020
WhatSpa? Approved 2020

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About Award Leisure Lincoln

Award Leisure was forged from the foundations of success in the landscaping trade to bloom as a hot tub-retailing powerhouse by Mark Anthony and his family.

The family-run business includes Mark's wife, Amanda, their two daughters Charlotte and Jessica, Mark’s brothers Paul and Chris, and his nephew Daniel, who has been recruited as Technical Service Manager.

Paul travels the world on behalf of Coast Spas to organise the fitting crews at show events, including Barcelona and Lyon in Europe, and returned from the Atlantic City show this year before helping with the Coast Spas stand for SPATEX.

A total of 11 staff members, including a mobile show site team and the addition of Deborah Jonsson to boost sales, are on the books of the company that is currently being dubbed as the UK's number one hot tub and garden building showroom.

After achieving success with Dimension One, Spas and Landscapes is now a leading Coast Spas retailer and is reaping the rewards of hard work linked to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and product quality and service from the Canadian manufacturer.

Industry Accolades

It is no accident or stroke of good fortune that Spas and Landscapes last year sold over 200 hot tubs. It is not as a result of some closely guarded secret retailing strategy either, but as a simple formula of commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction from a hard working team that has seen the company be rewarded with industry and manufacturing recognition.

Multiple awards are proudly displayed above the reception counter to leave visitors to the showroom in no doubt that they are dealing with a company constantly being highlighted as a leader in its field. The most recent, awarded in 2011, proclaims the fact that Spas and Landscapes is now a member of the prestigious Coast Spas Platinum Club, which followed President's Club awards from the manufacturing company in 2010 and 2009 as well as 'Recognition for Outstanding Growth' in 2010. In 2008 BISHTA presented the company with a 'Merit Award for Best Showroom', and in 2009 Spas and Landscapes just missed out on top spot when they were honoured by BISHTA with the 'Best Showroom' runner-up.

“We don't take anything for granted, but all of the team has worked hard and as a result we've been recognised for it by our suppliers and the industry”, says Mark. “You don't get these types of awards unless you deserve them and you are doing something right”.

We cover Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire  and nearby area

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