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Which hot tubs to avoid

If you’re looking to buy a quality hot tub that will give you years of good service, avoid Internet-only websites like the plague!

Websites are now popping up by the dozen, flaunting glitzy hot tubs with all the ‘mod cons’ at rock bottom prices, supposedly discounted down from sky high RRPs.

Little do you know, that behind the facia of glamour lies a web of deceit that has caught out thousands of unsuspecting UK families, leaving them with either no hot tub at all or a poor quality grey import stuck in their back garden that has no value and cannot be fixed.

Websites such as Trade Price Hot TubsSpaServeDanz Spas and Hot Price Tubs have left thousands of customers high and dry with no support, or even no hot tub at all despite paying deposits and even final balances in some cases. Some of the people behind these companies have been convicted and gone to prison whilst others have moved on without punishment.

Social media platforms are not without blame, allowing these companies to manipulate reviews and customer feedback and delete or block negative feedback, giving the false impression of a delighted client base.

So here is WhatSpa?’s 10 point checklist to ensure that you don’t fall victim to a hot tub web cowboy:

  1. Buy from a company that has a showroom that you can visit.
  2. Look for credentials such as WhatSpa? Approval and BISHTA membership.
  3. Ask where the hot tub on offer is manufactured.
  4. Look for reliable reviews from TrustPilot, Feefo etc.
  5. Ask to see a written copy of the Manufacturers Warranty before you buy.
  6. Ask what is covered under warranty and for how long.
  7. Are just parts covered or are labour/call out charges covered too?
  8. Try the model (wet test it) before you buy.
  9. Look for credible product awards such as WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards.
  10. Always pay at least £100 by credit card as this gives you joint cover from your card company if anything goes wrong.