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Following the issuing of a joint press release between a number of water authorities, the messages being given in the media are inaccurate compared to current legislation and so the British Swimming Pool Federation (BSPF) are in urgent talks with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to ensure the correct messages are given out by water authorities.

The BSPF acknowledges the issues being faced by a number of water authorities who are experiencing lower than average rainfall patterns for the last number of years. However the introduction of the temporary Water Use Ban (Hosepipe Ban) appears to have led some of the water authorities to suggest that hot tubs are classified the same as swimming pools which is factually incorrect.

In fact, hot tubs are not affected by prospective hosepipe bans and will still be allowed to be topped up and refilled even under a ban.

 For current information about relevant legislation click here.

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A hot tub

Posted on November 11, 2011 by , in 2. Hot Tubs & Gazebos

A hot tub is not just about splashing around in hot water. If purchased correctly a hot tub can be an oasis of hydrotherapeutic massage that relaxes your muscles and soft tissue, relieves stress and helps you to sleep restfully at night. So if you are thinking of buying a hot tub, don’t delay, throw you bathers in the car and try a hot tub at a hot tub showroom near you today!

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Cheshire hot tubs

Posted on September 22, 2011 by , in 2. Hot Tubs & Gazebos

It is now official…Cheshire is one of the UK’s hot spots for hot tub ownership due to rapidly growing demand for lifestyle and wellbeing products throughout the Cheshire area. Hot tubs in Cheshire are in big demand despite a muted UK economic background in other areas of the UK as property prices and demand for luxury products remain buoyant.

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Michael Phelps Swim SpaA Reading hot tub dealer was on hand to see world record swimming champion Michael Phelps make a splash at the International Pool Spa Patio Expo in Las Vegas when he dived into the high profile launch of his signature range of swim spas by Master Spas.

Phelps and his personal coach Bob Bowman, who has twice been named USA Swimming’s Coach of the Year, have teamed up with the engineering design team at Master Spas to create a full line of new swim spas within the officially titled Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas range.

Speaking after the November launch at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre in Las Vegas, Master Spas UK dealer Sunil Sharma said: “I was very impressed with the product launch in Las Vegas and I think that the unique, patented Wave Propulsion Technology system will not only be great for professional swimmers like Michael Phelps but also for anyone who wants to swim or walk against the clear water resistance it creates.”

Sunil is now making preparations at his Aqua Hot Tubs showroom for a big promotion of the swim spa in the New Year to coincide with the global promotion.

“We have sold off our previous line of the Master Spas H2X swim spas to make room for the Michael Phelps Signature model to be delivered in mid January,” revealed Sunil.

“There is a lot of global promotion for this launch and I think it will benefit everyone selling these swim spas. We will now be inviting people to come and see it and wet test it in our showroom and we will be promoting it locally to swimming clubs and the community as a whole.

“I believe the instant name recognition of Michael Phelps will be a big boost for sales as people in the UK don’t really remember brand names when it comes to purchasing hot tubs and swim spas but they will instantly know this one.”

Phelps and American Hall of Fame swim coach Bowman, in conjunction with Master Spas, will ensure that global promotion of swim spa continues in 2011 as they will be actively promoting the sport of swimming and the health benefits associated with aquatic exercise and spa therapy.

“One of the biggest goals I have in my career is to grow the sport of swimming in as many ways as possible, and the ability to partner with Master Spas’ to create a signature line of swim spas is another unique way to help the sport,” revealed Phelps, who holds more gold medals, world championships and world records than any other swimmer,

He added: “Our goal with this line of swim spas is to create more and better opportunities for everyone interested in swimming, from exercise enthusiasts through the next generation of competitive swimmers.”

Bowman, who is the CEO and Head Coach of North Baltimore Aquatic Club, revealed: “We designed the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa by Master Spas’ as an efficient and effective training tool for competitive swimming. But our goal was to create a swim spa that can apply to individual fitness levels as well.”

The World Swimming Coaches Association’s Coach of the Quadrenium (2005-08) and four-time recipient of the American Swim Coaches Association’s Coach of the Year award, added: “Aquatic exercise is extremely beneficial for building overall strength and endurance.”

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Watkins Manufacturing, the producers of the leading HotSpring brand of hot tubs and spas, is re-launching its successful UK retail operation under a new name.  Formerly operating simply under the HotSpring brand, the company’s retail website and chain of showrooms are being re-branded as HotSpring World as of the 16th November 2010. 

HotSpring World’s Lynda Smart explains: “Watkins is the manufacturer of HotSpringTM first and foremost, operating in over 60 countries worldwide. The UK is the only territory where the company owns its own stores and deals direct with the public. Everywhere else, HotSpringTM hot tubs and spas are sold exclusively through independent dealers.  We’re an anomaly.  It therefore makes sense for us to operate just like any other dealer, but this can sometimes be confusing for customers.

“Our quality and service are strong enough for us to stand on our own, without the perception of special treatment from the parent company.   Changing our brand name to HotSpring World will help to make this distinction clear in the minds of consumers, and better distinguish our retail arm from our wholesale distribution operations. ‘HotSpringTM’ refers to the products, and ‘Hotspring World’ is the best place to get them.”

General Manager Andrew Biggs said the new branding will be rolled out to the eight existing showrooms throughout the UK  in mid November, and the website will be redirected from to its new home at  To accompany the relaunch there will be a raft of promotional activities and offers, and HotSpring World will be adding a further two showrooms in 2011 to meet the growing demand for hot tubs and spas in the UK.  For more information about HotSpring World or the HotSpring Range of hot tubs and spas call 0800 849 8111 or visit

About HotSpring
HotSpring is the leading brand of portable hot tubs and is a Registered Trademark of Watkins Manufacturing, the world’s largest manufacturer of hot tubs and spas, which operates in over 60 countries worldwide. 

About HotSpring World
HotSpring World is the new retail brand name for Watkins Distribution UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Watkins Manufacturing, which supplies HotSpring Hot Tubs and accessories throughout the UK through its retail website and network of showrooms.

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