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After our blog on those beautiful thatched hot tub gazebos last week, if you’re looking for something entirely more state-of-the-art to cover your hot tub the polycarbonate Spa Dome fits the bill to perfection.  After years of cedar hot tub gazebos it seems we now have a great range to choose from to suit all tastes.  Both the Spa Dome Orlando and the Spa Sunhouse can be finished in aluminium trim for that ultra modern finish and the designs are ingenious…besides being able to lounge in your hot tub and gaze up at the stars despite being undercover, the Spa Dome Orlando rotates on a mounting track so that you can have the large sliding door area facing any direction you like on any given day.  If you are interested in the Spa Dome hot tub gazebo range contact

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If you own a spa or hot tub and are having a technical hitch why not challenge the experience and knowhow of our spa doctor team.  If we don’t know the answer to your hot tub issue immediately we generally know a man (or woman) who does, so leave a comment here and we will get straight onto it for you.

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Panache Hot TubsDo you have a passion that pervades every area of your lifestyle or perhaps you just simply want to display how patriotic you are next time your buddies come round to help you support your national side and drink your liquor cabinet dry?  The ultimate in customisation has hit the UK hot tub market with a huge splash…Panache Spas in Kettering have partnered with a leading European hot tub manufacturer to offer a hot tub shell that can be customised to whatever image, colour scheme or design you could possibly wish for.

Mark Jackson, the Director of Panache Spas sent us some photos of his most recent project…one of his hot tub clients loves his Kawasaki more than life itself and can’t bear to be away from it, even when he is relaxing in his top-of-the-range hot tub.  So Mark got busy, colour matched the bike and hey presto a Kawasaki-themed hot tub was born. 

Mark recently exhibited a Union Jack hot tub design and has since sold both Scottish and Welsh hot tub designs as well in the run up to the 6 Nations Rugby Championship.  For more information visit or email Mark on

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Hot Tub CoupleIf you have recently quite literally taken the plunge and bought your hot tub, share your experience and knowhow with your fellow hot tub buyers.  How did you find the buying experience?, which hot tubs did you shortlist and which hot tub model did you choose and why?  Post your very own hot tub buyers blog to our site or email it to us at entitled “Hot Tub Blog” along with any installation photos  and we will upload it for you.

The best hot tub buyers’ blog each month as judged by our editorial team will receive a FREE £25 voucher for hot tub chemicals and accessories so sharpen your pencils (or typing fingers) and get writing.


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Pound SignWith Easter weekend now just 2 days away, this long weekend is one of the best weekends of the year for snapping up bargain hot tub deals before the main Summer season kicks in.  Hot tub showrooms will be selling off any remaining 2006 ex-display models at knock down prices as US manufactured 2007 hot tubs start to hit the UK shores.

Again, here are some of my top tips to buying the right hot tub model:

  1. Shop locally – Hot tubs are specialist items and therefore you will need specialist after-sales and service support for years to come.  If you buy from someone in Outer Mongolia the chances of getting them out for any advice or warranty work is negligable to non-existant.  Be safe, check out the local hot tub showroooms and the professionalism of the staff and put as much effort into choosing the right spa retailer as you do in choosing the hot tub model that you eventually buy.
  2. Wet Test, Wet Test, Wet Test – Another reason to buy from a hot tub showroom rather than a picture on ebay…you can’t tell by looking if a spa will suit you for comfort, depth and hydrotherapy without jumping in and trying it first.  Always take the family as the water depth will change with the number of hot tub bathers (displacement…physics and stuff!) and always wet test the actual hot tub model that you are interested in buying rather than a similiar one in the range.  Professional spa retailers will have great facilities for wet testing in private so that you can have at least half an hour to try each hot tub model.  If you’re not too shy, always get the staff to demonstrate the spa features whist you’re in it so that you can get the best from the spa rather than trying to remember what they said in their presentation.
  3. Getting the right deal – Take Dom Littlewood’s approach and negotiate!  Hot tubs are big ticket items and the more expensive the tub generally the more retailers will have to play with so work on the price and try to get any extras like delivery, installation, commissioning, steps, cover lifters and chemicals thrown in.  If you’re feeling really cheeky go for a free bottle of bubbly and some robes/towels/rubber ducks…keep asking until they say no or throw you out!  Remember you’re not trying to put them out of business as you do actually want them to make a profit and stay in business to offer that invaluable after-sales support.
  4. Always pay by credit card – Always pay your hot tub deposit which should be maximum 30% of the final balance by credit card.  This covers you if the spa retailer runs off with the milkman or goes belly up in the period between paying your deposit and delivering your hot tub.  Even if there is a surcharge (should be no more than 2%) still use this payment option as it offers real peace of mind.  If you are requested to pay the whole final balance before receipt of your hot tub, ensure that you pay by credit card…again this will afford you the protection of your credit card supplier should anything go wrong.

That’s about it for now.  Happy Easter hot tub shopping.


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