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HotSpring Spas take on the World!

Posted on November 25, 2010 by , in 2. Hot Tubs & Gazebos

Watkins Manufacturing, the producers of the leading HotSpring brand of hot tubs and spas, is re-launching its successful UK retail operation under a new name.  Formerly operating simply under the HotSpring brand, the company’s retail website and chain of showrooms are being re-branded as HotSpring World as of the 16th November 2010. 

HotSpring World’s Lynda Smart explains: “Watkins is the manufacturer of HotSpringTM first and foremost, operating in over 60 countries worldwide. The UK is the only territory where the company owns its own stores and deals direct with the public. Everywhere else, HotSpringTM hot tubs and spas are sold exclusively through independent dealers.  We’re an anomaly.  It therefore makes sense for us to operate just like any other dealer, but this can sometimes be confusing for customers.

“Our quality and service are strong enough for us to stand on our own, without the perception of special treatment from the parent company.   Changing our brand name to HotSpring World will help to make this distinction clear in the minds of consumers, and better distinguish our retail arm from our wholesale distribution operations. ‘HotSpringTM’ refers to the products, and ‘Hotspring World’ is the best place to get them.”

General Manager Andrew Biggs said the new branding will be rolled out to the eight existing showrooms throughout the UK  in mid November, and the website will be redirected from to its new home at  To accompany the relaunch there will be a raft of promotional activities and offers, and HotSpring World will be adding a further two showrooms in 2011 to meet the growing demand for hot tubs and spas in the UK.  For more information about HotSpring World or the HotSpring Range of hot tubs and spas call 0800 849 8111 or visit

About HotSpring
HotSpring is the leading brand of portable hot tubs and is a Registered Trademark of Watkins Manufacturing, the world’s largest manufacturer of hot tubs and spas, which operates in over 60 countries worldwide. 

About HotSpring World
HotSpring World is the new retail brand name for Watkins Distribution UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Watkins Manufacturing, which supplies HotSpring Hot Tubs and accessories throughout the UK through its retail website and network of showrooms.

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  1. Matt Armstrong, December 23, 2010:

    Hot tub Repair – Ten Most Common Issues With A Jacuzzi

    #11. Maintaining water chemistry – This is the cause of virtually all spa complications. 99% of all repairs arise because of incorrect water chemistry in your spa. We would certainly not be in business being a jacuzzi and hot tub repair company if the correct water chemistry was kept up by the hot tub homeowners.

    We understand that hot tub sales men happily will explain to you about the maintenance free jacuzzi or hot tub, or that they’ll tell you how easy they are to maintain. Well….. you cannot find any this kind of thing as maintenance free spa. Having said that, utilizing correct instruction a spa or hot tub can be easy to maintain. But again, it has to be done.

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