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Hot Tubs Proven To Help Insomnia

Posted on November 23, 2008 by , in 2. Hot Tubs & Gazebos

If you are one of the 10 million or so people in the UK who suffer from some kind of sleep disorder, do not despair as help may be at hand in the form of one of the very latest luxury hot tubs to hit UK shores.

Hot tubs have always offered some relief from chronic pain and sleeplessness since the 1950’s when the first models were launched in North America, but the latest models have uleashed the full benefits of hydrotherapeutic massage that is so effective in relieving the symptoms of insomnia.

Regular bathing for at least 20 minutes in one of the latest luxury hot tubs is now proven to be effective in inducing sleep. A report in the scientific journal Sleep showed that soaking in a hot tub before bedtime not only improves the ability to fall off to sleep but also to sleep deeper and therefore more restfully.

Since tiredness can cause tension, a shorter temper and depression, the latest hot tubs are welcome relief for those affected. If you suffer from poor sleep and want to try out the effects of bathing in hot tubs, why not throw your bathing costume in the car and wet test a spa at one of the many hot tub retailers in your area?

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