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Wooden Hot Tubs

Posted on February 23, 2008 by , in 2. Hot Tubs & Gazebos

Wooden Hot TubsIf you love the idea of getting into hot water in your garden but are looking for a more rustic hot tub design, a cedar hot tub may be the solution.  Cedar hot tubs are the forerunners to the more modern all-singing, all-dancing acrylic vacuum-formed models but for some, nostalgia wins out and they are still the product of choice.

Whilst there are a variety of wooden hot tubs on the market in the UK, mainly imported from Canada, a UK manufacturer has responded to this market niche and come up with an amazing new twist on the original format.  Andy Walsh, the founder of Rustic Tubs, based in Scotland, went about building a wooden hot tub that didn’t need any kind of elecrical supply in response to rural constraints on electrical power supplies.

Andy says “We built lots of prototypes before we perfected the process of building the cedar barrel-style tubs which we combined with our unique aluminium firebox, essentially a wood-burning stove…unlike electric spas which must be kept on permanently to ensure a working temperature, the firebox in your rustic tub is lit prior to each use, saving you money.  You can fuel your firebox with wood, coal or smokeless fuel depending on your environment”.

We think this is a great product for those with electrical constraints or a traditionally landscaped garden.  Prices start from just £1,700.  For more details visit the Rustic Tubs website at


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  1. Karen and Stu, April 3, 2008:

    that’s our tub in Dorset! We are happy to recommend Andy Walsh and “Rustic Tubs” – we love ours! We designed our garden to be a relaxing haven from our stressful lives … it works perfectly! And sometimes we even let the kids in too!!!

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