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Posted on December 11, 2007 by , in 2. Hot Tubs & Gazebos

Hot Tub Sale

Santa’s sleighbells are ringing and the Christmas and New Year festivities are fast approaching. For the uninitiated, sitting in the warm swirling water of a hot tub may seem strange, but on the contrary, hot tubbers around the UK are gleefully welcoming the colder weather and cranking up the temperature of their bubbling hot tubs in readiness for the Christmas holidays.

 Hot tubs are much more enjoyable in winter and although we get fairly mild winters, there is only one thing on our reader’s minds when the snow starts falling and that is to lift back the steaming cover on their hot tubs and sink into the soothing warm  water.  Anyone who has been in a warm outdoor pool at a spa hotel or centerparcs in the depths of winter will get the idea.  The feeling is second to none!

The great news is that we are only 14 days from Xmas and more importantly only 20 days away from New Years Eve.  I’ll let you into a secret…behind the humdrum facias of UK homes, there will be around 200,000 familes celebrating the New Year at midnight in the luxury of their very own hot tubs, watching other peoples fireworks from the comfort of their favourite hot tub seat.  So if you know anyone who has a hot tub, make sure that you start buttering them up now to try to get an invite for the champagne New Years Eve hot tub fun…it really is the only way to bring in the New Year.

By the way, it’s not too late of you want to celebrate New Years Eve in your own hot tub, there are some cracking deals to be had at this time of year as December is traditionally the slowest month for hot tub retailers and a time when you can get your negotiating skills polished up and secure a fantastic hot tub deal.  Happy hot tubbing!

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