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Insurance for Hot Tubs

Posted on July 23, 2007 by , in 2. Hot Tubs & Gazebos

Q. Many insurance companies still don’t seem to have caught up with the Hot Tub Revolution. Are spas classed as permanent fixtures or do they fall into the same category as garden furniture? Obviously they are worth a lot more than your standard (or even designer) set of garden furniture so we want to get our new spa insured when we buy it.

Has anyone got any recommendations or contacts of insurance companies who are up to speed with hot tub ownership. I want to insure against loss and accidental damage (i.e. if a ridge tile blows off in high winds and lands on it!)

A. I think this is very dependent on your existing buildings and contents insurance company, so an initial call would be prudent, perhaps even before buying the tub. From experience I think it sometimes depends on how accessable the spa maybe to a potential theft also, if you needed a crane to get the tub in then the insurance company don’t need to worry too much about theft. I have noted companies will usually class it as part of the buildings insurance as once in place it is unlikely to be moved by the owner. Bottom line call you insurer and check.  If they won’t insure your hot tub it is probably worth pulling your policy and vote with your feet to a company who will insure it.

We have our hot tub insured with Direct Line as an itemised item on our buildings and contents policy.  If anyone has successfully got their hot tubs covered with other companies place a comment below as this is a very common question.

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  1. Belinda, July 31, 2007:

    I have been trying to sort out the insurance for my Sundance Spa today. Direct Line will insure the hot tub as a single item in contents cover, but won’t cover for accidental damage. Halifax – my existing insurer – will only cover if you can permenantly attach the tub to the ground (!) and then it will be covered as part of your buildings insurance. If you could take it with you if you moved then they consider it just garden equipment – limited to £500! Has anyone come up with a better idea?

  2. Louisa, April 28, 2008:

    Belinda – you are right about Halifax. I am with Priviledge (part of Direct line I believe) & they are brilliant & do cover my hot tub ok – I have insured with them for the past 3 years since I’ve had my tub. They quoted the same as halifax who wouldn’t insure the tub so it’s a good deal. I’ve not found anyone prepared to cover for accidental damage.

  3. Jon, September 25, 2008:

    I currently have insurance with Directline but come renewal time, they wouldn’t insure my hot-tub, and most other companies i tried were the same. Directline actually said because it wasn’t bolted down it was at high risk of theft! I’d like to see someone try to steal three tonnes of filled hot-tub! Having given up talking to these cretins any further my tub is uninsured, which is not a comforting feeling.

  4. Stephen, October 9, 2008:

    eSure and Sheila’s wheels insure hot tubs as standard as part of their buildings insurance. Read the policy wording, it’s all in there.

  5. sally, December 15, 2008:

    I have a hot tub. When we got it 2 years ago I tried to insure it I was asked what would you want to insure it for? I couldnt think at the time as it has to be craned out so theft would be out of the question so no insurance was needed. What happened next we got flooded in June last year…I have been fighting with the insurance company through the financial ombudsman since October last year and my hot tub doesnt work anymore. Make sure you get insurance.

  6. Pete Morris, May 31, 2009:

    Tesco and co op insurance both provide insurance cover hot tubs

  7. Paul, June 8, 2009:

    Just rang Tesco and they confirmed that it would be included in my contents policy and that I don’t need to specify it separately even though it cost £5000 (But I do need to list my camera, worth £1500!). Have not got this is writing yet but have asked for confirmation. If it had been permanently plumbed in it would be covered on by Buildings insurance but given that I have a combined policy it makes little difference.

  8. Belinda, August 3, 2009:

    I have had on-going issues with insurance companies over my hot-tub… See entry for July 2007! Last year I changed to AXA through AA insurance as they would cover the tub for theft as well as accidental damage…. This year they’d doubled the premium! I have gone with Tesco’s as they do insure the tub – but not for accidental damage. It is covered for all major risks including theft & flooding – but there is an additional £250 excess and cover is limited to a maximum of £7500. Hope this helps some of you?

  9. M Barnsdall, December 19, 2009:

    Be careful! Co-op do NOT cover hot tubs – they limit the cover to £500(!). Halifax are a waste of space, as per comments above, they will cover them if they are plumbed into the house or are in a conservatory, but not as a free standing unit.

  10. baz, February 4, 2010:

    I work in insurance, and the easiest way to make sure your hot tub is covered…make it a permanent fixture, then it becomes part of the buildings cover

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