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Crane Hire for Hot Tubs

Posted on July 17, 2007 by , in 8. Frequently Asked Questions

Hot tub craneQ. I definitely can’t get a hot tub into my garden by conventional means as I have no access at all to my back garden apart from through the house and going via neighbours gardens is not an option. I will need a crane…what is involved and how much should it cost?

A. If you are considering a crane lift for installation or removal of your hot tub it is important to be aware that there are 2 main types of service available from crane companies.

1. Contract Lift:
The more expensive of the two options but the crane company will be responsible for everything:
Site Survey
Preparing Risk Assessment & Method Statement
Liaising with any relevant authorities such as Highways Agency/Police
Providing all equipment, crane operator and a banksman
All of work fully insured from start to finish

2. Crane Hire
Tempting as the price will be lower but you are literally hiring the crane and the driver for a period of time and pretty much everything else is your responsibility.
The reason this is important was highlighted in the recent case where a crane toppled over during the process of lifting a hot tub over a house and the jib demolished the house. Luckily nobody was hurt or killed but the question of liability for insurance purposes then really starts to kick in. With a contract lift there is no scope for your involvement. With crane hire if such an incident happened the Health & Safety Executive will be involved and insurers will be looking for liability.

Obviously we don’t want to worry you but it is important to be aware of all of the facts before you commission a crane company to lift your new hot tub into your garden.The size of the crane required will be determined by the load (fairly insubstantial…most spas weigh less than 1 tonne) and the radius of the lift (the reach required from the bed of the crane to the point to which the hot tub will be lowered) Also the heights of buildings will need to be taken into account. The cost will be dependant upon the type of lift as above, the size of the crane required (the longer the required reach the bigger the crane) and the distance from the crane depot to site as the rate will include the travelling time of the crane. Obviously try to get several quotes from local crane companies and insist that they conduct a site survey first.

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  1. Kate Knipe, September 2, 2008:

    We just had our hot tub delivered by crane on saturday, everything went well the crane people were extremley organised and it was all done very quickly. Kate

  2. carrie, May 16, 2009:

    im wondering how much it would cost me to have a crane lift my 3 x 3 hotub over my home in hull with a possibility of then having it transfered to barnsley

  3. Aileen, April 19, 2010:

    Hi Kate. What did it cost you please?Can give you my email address if you prefer.Did you have to do electrical work beforehand?Thanks

  4. vee, August 23, 2011:

    How do u charge for a crane to lift jacuzzi over my house

  5. T kraszewski, August 19, 2014:

    Hi I have a hot tub 7ft sq about 27 mitres from curb and 50 ft drop apr needs to go to Brighton from newhaven East Sussex and dropped into position that end can you help and about price how much

  6. caroline miller, February 10, 2016:

    Hi was wondering how muchdo you charge aprox to move hot tub and the labour and supervisors

  7. David cole, April 17, 2016:

    Hi\r\nQuote please to get hot tub over our 1930\’s \r\nWe live in a quiet cul d sac which is a straight road\r\nKt15 1lz No 17\r\n07734929759

  8. Dareen, May 17, 2016:

    Hi there i am looking for a crane to have a hot tub lifted over my it wont fit thro alley way as the measuments for alley are not big enouth to do it so crane is only option?can you give me the cheapest price on a crane to do the job please.i live in a council street and my house is in a row of houses simler to a terrace row.\r\nmy postcoed is cf449dw 40 llwynderi penywaun aberdare can you get back to with a price please thanks \r\n

  9. steve, June 6, 2016:

    How much to lift a hottub over the house\r\n

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