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Tight hot tub access…will I need a crane?

Posted on July 10, 2007 by , in 8. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I live in a newish house and the access is not very wide. What are the alternatives to get hot tubs in? What are the important dimensions of the hot tub that will determine if it will go in? Is it possible to go through a neighbours garden or will I need to resort to a crane?

A. Yes unfortunately developers seem to be squeezing houses closer together which sometimes does pose problems for hot tub delivery teams! Here are the main solutions that hot tub companies will look for when they conduct a site visit in order of preference.Since the hot tub will be trolleyed into position using a device called a spa dolly it will positioned on its end so the standing height of the hot tub (plus a little bit more for packaging) will be width that you will need (ideally on a straight run as hot tubs do not bend araound corners!) as clearance for the route to the spa base. Measure the narrowest points as these are the important ones. Look out for anything jutting out such as fence posts, steps, drainage down pipes, electrical service boxes, wall lights etc etc when measuring the narrowest points.The width of the hot tub plus about 6-8 inches for the spa trolley will be the height clearance required so look out for eaves, tops of gates, and anything sticking out from the sides of the house at height such as central heating ducts, wall lights, hanging basket brackets etc. Some of these obstacles may be removable so bear this in mind as a potential solution.If it obvious that the hot tub will not go down the side of the house the second option is to go via a neighbours garden and through a removed section of fencing. Check with neighbours first and ensure that they have adequate access. Make sure you reinstate fences afterwards and a nice bottle of wine will be much appreciated by them for the inconvenience.

If all else fails and there is simply not way of getting to hot tub in a crane may be the only option. See the posts regarding crane hire for the implications.

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