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Hot Tub Floods

Posted on July 3, 2007 by , in 2. Hot Tubs & Gazebos

We have had a number of emails from people owning hot tubs in areas around the North and Central England who have suffered garden flooding which has resulted in potential flood damage to their hot tubs.  As a note of advice, if your hot tub has suffered water damage DO NOT reinstate the power to your hot tub as their may still be residual water or dampness in the hot tub pumps, heater, electronics, wiring and sensors.  We advise that you turn off power to your hot tub at both the RCD and the isolation switch and let it thoroughly dry out.  Contact a local hot tub service engineer and arrange a service call inspection for them to assess the damage to your hottub.

If you have hot tub insurance (something we highly recommend for all owners of hot tubs) contact your insurer as it may be that if your hot tub has suffered serious or prolonged water damage that it will have to be written off.

A note of caution to hot tub buyers…be very wary about buying a hot tub over online auction sites over the next few months as hot tubs on offer may have suffered water damage which could make them irreparable or even dangerous.  Only buy through local reputable hot tub companies to ensure that you get bonafide hots tubs and aftersales service.  For a list of local companies request What Spa Magazine and see our comprehensive Hot Tub Retailer Directory or visit the Find a Retailer on for a real-time list of local hot tub dealers in your county.

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  1. Lee, July 4, 2007:

    It would be god to know who you guys recommend to insure a Hot Tub; have you ever had a ‘What Spa’ recommendation for the different types of Hot Tub insurance which is available?

  2. Nick Clamp, July 5, 2007:

    Hi Lee
    This is something that we are looking into but hot tubs are covered by some home insurers as a specified item. In the first instance contact your home contents insurer and ask if they will cover your hot tub against acts of god such as flood damage, accidental damage and theft for the full replacement value. This is important as in high winds etc, roof and ridge tiles have been known to blow off and land on hot tub covers. If you are not covered a new hot tub cover can cost several hundred pounds. Let’s hope the floods don’t come again soon but if they do, make sure you haven’t left your hot tub off the insurance policy.

  3. charlotte walker, July 24, 2007:

    We live in Hull and have been devestated by the floods, we have a 6 seater hot tub which flooded up to the lid, however we are in negotiations with the payout with our insurance company Halifax Home Insurance who have reassured us that it is covered. Lets hope it is.

  4. kelly, September 9, 2010:

    Hi I am keen to know if Halifax did pay out as we have had a fire in the garden and at first they said it would be classed as contents in the open up to £500, we are in negotiations at present as the also said it could be moved out of the garden which is impossible now as the throughfair entrance has been altered. can anyone advise me pls

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