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Dr Jim’s Top Ten Tubbing Tips

1. Test the disinfectant & pH level daily.

2. Shower before bathing (to remove make up and deodorants, etc.).

3. Rinse bathing costume in warm water before and after bathing, try to avoid washing costume with detergents, better still, bathe in the nude!

4. Add disinfectant after bathing to replace that which has been used.

5. ‘Shock’ once a week with an appropriate product or after a heavy bather load (i.e. hot tub party).

6. Rinse hot tub filters weekly.

7. Chemically clean hot tub filters every 4 – 6 weeks.

8. Have a complete water balance test at least once a month which your local BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) accredited hot tub retailer ought to be able to carry out.

9. Drain & refill your hot tub regularly (determined by Total Dissolved Solids test result), when in doubt drain it out.

10. Sit back and relax!

Jim Lamb – Spa Dr.

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Hi everyone,

Over the next 6 weeks we are going to be doing in-depth reviews of all the movers and shakers in the hot tub manufacturing fraternity.  This will include company information but also and more importantly we will be ‘road testing’ or ‘garden testing/soak testing??’ all of the best selling hot tub models available in the UK.Home Made Hot Tub

Our independent tests will include hot tub ratings and reviews and we will post them to the blog as and when we do them so you’ll catch the very latest news here first before it hits the main site or the magazine.  If there are any particular hot tub makes and models that you would like us to put to the WhatSpa? test just let us know by leaving a comment on this post.  We won’t be trying this one on the right by the way before you ask!!


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Welcome to the new WhatSpa? Magazine hot tub blog. 

Our expert panel of authors and contibutors have lots of exciting content up their sleeves for Spring and Summer 2007 and we will be keeping you informed in up-to-the-minute style about the very latest hot tub and home spa products and accessories to hit the UK market.

whatspa-front-cover.jpgIf you haven’t already done so, why not request a complimentary copy of our Spring/Summer edition of WhatSpa? Magazine…the UK’s leading glossy consumer magazine dedicated to consumers who are researching the UK market for the very latest hot tubs products, information and advice.  The Spring issue includes an exclusive interview with Fame Academy’s Carrie Grant about how she loves to relax in her own pool and spa along with a whole host of features which will make the task of choosing your hot tub an easy one.  To request your FREE copy visit our Buyers Guide page now. 

Our blog will also include regular hot tub maintenance top tips and advice and if you have any queries feel free to add a comment or question to test the knowledge of our resident team of Spa Doctors.

Our blog is split up by product categories so that you can easily search blog entries on the following subjects:

  • Hot tubs & gazebos
  • Swim Spas & exercise pools
  • Saunas & steamrooms
  • Spa chemicals and accessories
  • Water maintenance tips & advice
  • Spa servicing & maintenance advice

We hope you enjoy our ramblings and feel free to join in at any time by either commenting on articles or emailing your questions to



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